Hot & Savory made me gag

First-time user of huel. I had a sleeve gastrectomy and a friend who also had one recommended it as an easy way to load protein from small portions that are easy for the sleeve to process.
Just made up the Mexican chili following the instructions. Smell wasn’t great, as expected from nutrient-rich foods (smells similar to Cambridge diet plan soups)
Took a small taste and IMMEDIATELY felt nauseous and gagged. Tried again a few minutes later. Same result. The beans were like bullets. Tried 30s in the microwave to help the beans absorb some of the liquid. Tried again, same result. I just can’t. So much money wasted :sob:

Hey @serahserah - welcome to the Huel forum!

Sorry to hear this though! If it’s alright, I just wanted to ask a couple questions to best assist you here. Feel free to drop me a DM, if preferred.

  • How long ago was your surgery?
  • If it was recent, what stage are you in post-op and how have you been tolerating foods thus far? The stages can vary by surgeon and hospital so I wanted to ask.

Let me know :slight_smile:

May I ask why you have posted this?
What is it you want?
Do you think you have a contaminated batch or something else?

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Probably just a faulty microwave. I’ve eaten plenty of this and the benas have never been like bullets. Either that or they mistook a bag of gravel for Huel.

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Seems likely that very spicy food (‘fiery flavours of a chilli’) is a poor choice following stomach surgery. How were the other flavours?

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What an unkind response. I’m not sure if you are a zealot, or just a troll but either way - I’m not sure why you posted that?

I’m not sure if this is helpful. I have tried that flavour. The only one I have liked out of the ones I’ve tried is bolognese
BUT - I’ve found that with the bolognese when I used the boiling water method it didn’t hydrate the pasta properly and it was hard and crunchy. When I use the microwave method it completely solves this.
Hope that helps.

I found boiling a pan of water quickly then adding the hot savory(any flavor) and stirring it in as it boils, makes it way better texture and taste.

Just boiling a kettle and stirring this in the water just doesn’t seem to soften the rice, beans, and pasta enough.

Worth giving it a try rather than writing it off and throwing it away (Wasting money)


unfortunately not all kettles are created equal I’m afraid so you have to adapt to their interpretations of ‘boiling’. my kettle at home heats the water fine for H&S, but at work and where I’m staying at the moment, it doesn’t. I’ve started instead adding some of the water initially to get it cooking than, after 5 minutes covered in the pot, adding more freshly boiled water to finish it off and get it to the consistency needed. This seems to help keep the temp up/cooking.

I find I have to leave the Huel in the pot for 10 minutes as opposed to 5 minutes to properly cook

The OP seems not to really be interested in discussing.

Second this. 10 minutes seems to be the sweet spot.