How did you discover Huel?

Yes it did his bloods inptoved significantly, it also helped me when I came down with cyclic vomiting syndrome (CVS).

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Sat at home wondering why someone just didn’t invent a product that contained everything you needed in a meal with all the diet/ healthy eating programmes on TV etc as it would be a hell of a lot simpler than working out all of this from the available foods each day and trying to get a perfect balance from guess work or tedious constant tracking to get it spot on every day. Thought to myself I bet someone has. Googled it found huel :+1:


The struggle is real.

Apparently my brother started to use it yesterday ago for a while. I moved to another state and I guess it just never came up.
Then I was taking with my mom the other day and I was complaining about how I was hungry but I couldn’t figure out what I wanted + I didn’t want to go shopping, prepare, cook, clean, etc.
Then she mentioned this product.
Lol, I’m like, wtf? All these years I could have been drinking huel. How did I never know about this?
Sign, oh well.
I just ordered for the first time today. I’m so excited. I got one chocolate and one vanilla.
I’m hoping to transition to 80-90% huel.

From what I understand is not good for your digestive tract ONLY digest liquid. I haven’t been able to confirm that one way or another though.

Anyway, I’m super stoked.

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It’s more of a suspension than a liquid. We skip the chewing part, but it’s just like other food once it’s gone down our throats.


Just to verify, you’re saying that it’s thick enough not to cause any adverse consequences? I’m thinking more long term.


Who knows? It’s certainly not a liquid diet in the way a juice diet would be. It’s pulverised oats, mostly. People have eaten those for a long time. They’re oats chewed up by an industrial blender instead of our teeth, but it’s all the same to our guts.

There could be downsides to this diet that we don’t know about yet, because it’s a pretty new thing. None of us will know for a few years yet, and then we may all suddenly drop dead from unforeseen complications.

What particular adverse consequences are you worried about?


From what I understand if you are on a completely liquid diet for too long you could lose your ability to digest things as well later. Idk if the person was just saying you would have to slowly transition back to solid food or if it was something more permanent.
It sounded like they were talking about some kind of permanent consequences buy I’m not 100% sure. I need to look it up properly I guess :joy:

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Well my point is you’re not on a liquid diet. Huel is rammed full of fibre, and your digestive system is probably working harder than it’s ever worked before.


Funny as all these YouTubee’s with their ‘I survived on Huel for a day/week/month’ trauma videos - acting like they’re an absolute super hero :innocent:


Oh, I see what what you’re saying. That makes sense.

Another point is that most (99.99% probably) of Hueligans don’t use Huel 100% but have it for 1-2 meals a day along with other more traditional meals. We’ve looked at people using Huel 100% though, but not over a long period of time and just a small group, however blood markers and overall well being was good.


OTOH my gall bladder hates me. Before Huel my diet was heavily meats and milkfats. Huel takes the place of one of my meals and now when I eat bacon/galbi I get pains in my middle.
Yes, I’ve seen a doctor about that. When I insisted that me and my gallstones were not just going to ignore it, he put me on ursolic acid. So far so good.

Facebook refused to stop advertising this to me, so I decided to research it .

Was looking to move to a non meat diet, and lose some weight and so I replace lunch and dinner with these shakes. So far so good!

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Too many people see it as a sort of cleanse. I bet Huel make a lot of money from them mind, but jeeze. You could eat pretty much anything for one month.

If you need a Guinea pig ill be going back on 100% huel starting tomorrow, once my replacement blender and bags on 3.0 for trial purposes arrive :wink:

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I don’t think anyone is genuinely 100%, we all eat a little whether it’s snacks or special meals so I’d be tempted to ignore that and look more at “high use” and put anyone having ‘two+’ Huel meals per day regularly in there.

At a guess I’d imagine that the overall % of all customers that fall under high use is quite low, but I bet if you look at repeat customers you’re going to see a big shift towards it because once the convenience of a decent breakfast/lunch settles in it’s extremely easy to replace more meals with Huel and it just makes nutritional sense.

I’d love to dive into your order data to look into that. I know you’d never give info away like that in the forum but you must have some amazing insights after five years of growth, I hope you’ve got a couple of data scientists on staff.

It’s just a shame the science isn’t there enough for you to recommend a Huel only diet or say how good that would be. I switch brands a lot but I’ve been nigh on just Complete Foods for five years and still feeling awesome.

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I discovered Huel from a Facebook ad and partly due to watching a presentation for Herbalife by a couple of women running a business off it. I tried some of their sample shakes (which gave me the impression of Angel Delight) but reading up on the shakes put me off Herbalife.

I finally decided that I’d give it a go and had my first shake about 3 hours ago.

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Yeah that’s how they got me

There’s a couple on here that claim to be, and I’d be willing to bet there’s more that don’t post on the forum. There’s probably tens of them out there!! :joy:


This is probably Huel HQ’s idea of a perfect comment. Product is mentioned in the media —> new customer tries product —> customer retained —> customer meets goal —> continues with product —> loves every update —> raves about the product on the forum using all the right buzzwords —> repeat