How do I delete my account?

I’ve been trying to manage my account to change my subscription so that it does not renew tomorrow but your website is not working at all. I’ve used 4 different browsers and it still hangs or just directs to a blank page when i try to pause or update any of my subscriptions. I’ve resorted to trying to delete my account, but can’t find anywhere to do this. Feels a bit dodgy to me… Its a shame as i actually do like the product, but this will be the last time i will (involuntary) order from you. That is if i can ever find a way it stopping.

Oh no, I am sorry about this Georgie.

To amend your charge date usually you can click on “subscriptions” in the account area and then “edit” and then you can change your charge date.

However if your account is simply not allowing you to do this, please send us a message on our social channels or email and we can help with this on our end.

I did email yesterday but haven’t had a reply. I am using the edit option, but when I try to make any changes, it either takes me to a blank page or the huel bottle waiting page.

I too, would like to delete my account, would be nice to have that option, but it doesnt seem to exist.

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