How long does it take customer services to respond to an incorrect Order?

Can someone from the admin team please respond to my email regarding my order that isn’t correct please? Order no. 126846. Thanks

Hi BodhiC,

Can you check your emails as we’ve responded to your email from this afternoon.

Hi. Yes I received an email and the lady said she would send me a ladies XL t shirt but it’s an XXL one I ordered. Could you clarify if she has noted this as I haven’t heard back as yet?

Many thanks

Thanks for letting us know. I’ve checked in with the team and you will be getting the XXL.

Many thanks for your help. XXL ladies in grey I hope? How and when is this being delivered?

Just tried the shake and it’s very good.


Hi Wendy,

Yes this is the size. This will be dispatched tomorrow via 1st class Royal Mail.