How long have you Hueled?

Honeymoon period?! I’m still there, I still get a weird excited thrill when I open a new pouch. Been using Huel since I started working here in Jan 2016, usually at least once a day!


2 years plus probably. Huel accounts for on average half of my weekly calories. It’s part of my lifestyle now.

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5 days… my first day I was unsure if I had done the correct thing and bought something I didn’t like.

Now the first couple of days are over I’m finding I’m actually looking forward to my Huel shakes and am now thinking that I will not have enough until pay day as I want to replace 2 main meals a day with Huel :joy:. I’m finding nothing but good things about my experience so far and of that continues will definitely be getting a bigger order next time!

September last year.

April 2018. Omg it’s my 1 year anniversary :scream:

@Tim_Huel In a good marriage you don’t notice it when the honeymoon phase is over :rofl:


This month 3 years!

At least for breakfast, later I have added lunch. Now I also use it for post workout.

Just over 3 years for me too.

It’s beginning to show :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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10 months here :slightly_smiling_face:

6 months for me

15 months ago I first started but had a couple of months gap because of DPD, where I purchased another product.

Little over 3 months now, still feel like I’m a new one here :joy:


It sure hasn’t worked on my complexion.


As a complex person myself I know it can do (black) magic.


I started in April 2017, 2 year anniversary!


It must be 3 years now for me I think. More frequently the past year.


389 days! :partying_face:

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I Hueled hardcore for about 3 months last year. 3 Huel shakes a day, maybe a banana or an apple, and exercising regularly. Only had a couple of actual meals in all that time. Lost a lot of weight. I was trying to make weigh in for a clinical trial. However, I then broke my foot (badly) and was disqualified from the trial so gradually eased off the Huel. That combined with becoming sedantry because of the damage I did to my foot means that I’m now quite porky again and so I’ve just started Hueling again yesterday.


I’ve been using Huel on and off again for a few years now I think.

I always fell off the wagon with lunches at work as I was always a little embarrassed about having whilst everyone else was tucking into their ‘real’ food.

Been gradually getting more and more into it since the addition of the RTD, but really not a fan of the flavours - Would love it if we could get an Original version of the RTD, that would make my year!

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Absolutely love having you all around! Thanks so much! There’s so much to think about there:

As well as anecdotal reports of weight-loss/gain, improved blood markers, better sleep, all round well being! :tada: