How many cookies equals 2 scoops

I’ve just made the oat and raisin cookies from the website but I’m trying to work out how many cookies I can eat for lunch. I would normally have 2.5 scoops at lunch. 4 scoops of Huel were included in the mixture

I’m not sure I get your question: do you mean how many cookies can you eat for the same number of calories as 2.5 scoops of Huel, or how many cookies can you eat to consume 2.5 scoops of Huel regardless of extra calories from the other ingredients? More information will be great!

Also, can you post a link to the recipe? :slight_smile:

So here’s the link.
Sorry I know it makes sense in my head but hard to explain! So I made the cookies. I’m trying to work out if I have the cookies instead of a lunchtime shake or if they are just an evening treat.
If they are instead of a shake, how many of the cookies am I allowed to eat.
Normally I have 2 scoops for breakfast, 2.5 for lunch, 1 in afternoon then a 520kcal dinner and 150kcal snack.
So do I replace say my 2scoop breakfast and have 2 cookies? Or do I continue with the same plan and have 2 cookies as my 150kcal snack in the evening? Does that make more sense?