How many grams of Huel Black to get full daily micronutrient benefit?

Forgive me if this question has been asked and answered somewhere else. I’ve done some sifting through the articles and info provided and I don’t think anything has quite touched on this.

I’ve been having Huel Black for two 400kcal meals a day amongst other meals. Now, each 90g 400kcal meal has various percentages of micronutrients involved, ranging from 75-80% for some and only 20% for others, according to the chart on the back of the bags.

So if I wanted to get the full daily dose of some of these lower percentages of micronutrients, would I be right in thinking I would have to have for example five 400kcal 90g servings of Huel Black a day to add up the lower 20%s?


Huel “White” is made to be complete nutrition at 2000kcal, I assume “Black” is the same. Should show a definite answer on the product page of the website.