How many servings are required to get all the necessary vitamins and minerals?

i see in the description it states “all the vitamins and minerals your body needs”. To get all the vits and minerals I need, how many servings would be needed per day? Can I get away with just the one and eat food for my other meals? Or do I need more servings? Can somebody confirm?

2000kcal/500g. The number of servings depends how much you have for each serving. If you have 100g per serving, it’s 5 servings. If you have 125g per serving, it’s 4 servings. If you have 3 scoops, it’s about 4.4 servings.

That depends entirely on the nutritional content of the other food. If you eat healthy food for your other meals, you might be fine. But if you were to just eat things like burgers and chips, then no.

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