How many shakes a day?

How many shakes a day do people have? Can you eat purely just this product every day?

Hi - there’s a guide article about that here.

Short answer - yes, you can - but its not officially recommended.

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I’ve done 6 months on 90%+ Huel then another couple of months 100% Huel as part of the trial Huel ran a year ago.

Never had any ill effects.

I’ve now moved in with my girlfriend so in the week tend to have Huel Black for breakfast and lunch then a proper cooked meal in the evening. At least that was when “week days” and the “weekend” weren’t just mushed together into one big lockdown.


I have 2000kcal/day worth of shakes.

Yes. I’ve done that for many years now.


3 shakes a day then? How much product do you need to order for this and how much does it cost a month?

‘Shakes’ is a weird measure. If I wanted, I can fit 2000kcal into one Jumbo shake. Hence I say calories. But yes, you can comfortably fit 2000kcal into 3 shakes, especially if you use a blender though it is not strictly necessary, or you can split it into 4 shakes or however many shakes you want.

If you want to make 3 shakes a day that give you 2000kcal, you need 167g of Huel in every shake or 500g of Huel altogether.

At 2000kcal/day, I pay 149.2GBP/month.

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I have 1 or 2 a day now. I have done 100% a few times previously and lost loads of weight and felt really good and healthy. I should really make the effort to do 100% again soon I am just eating way too much bread at the moment and my belly is swelling up :confused: