One shake a day worth doing?

Hi been using huel black edition for nearly 3 months now, just been having 1 shake a day, around 7am.
The rest of my diet is clean but im wondering if its even beneficial to just have the one shake daily?
Cant say ive noticed any benefits in adding huel to my diet so far

Im very active with my manual job and go to the gym 3/4 times a week

Anyone else on just one shake a day and notice any benefits?


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It’s a meal replacement not a magic pill. If you have an otherwise good diet you should see much difference. If you have a rubbish diet one Huel meal a day is well worth eating.

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What were you expecting in the first place?

Echoing what has already been said, Huel is just nutritious food. If your diet is good, you aren’t going to see/feel short term health benefits.

However, I would ask you to compare what you would be eating instead. If you’re like other Hueligans, generally it would be unhealthy convenience food for that 1 meal. Something I’ve said a lot before is that Huel is food for your most inconvenient meal. So the benefits of Huel range far beyond just health benefits: saving time, saving money being the main ones. But also if you’re trading a meat-based meal for a Huel meal, then you’re benefitting the earth too [sustainability report]


Given that most meals we eat aren’t 100% nutritionally complete, I would say that just one meal a day is beneficial, even if you have a clean diet. You have to think that unless you’re someone who spends a LOT of time trying to ingest the right stuff with super varied meals, then Huel continues to be a way of balancing things out.

I do one shake a day! Usually my lunch and mostly 5 out of the 7 in a week. I’m not necessarily in it for any health benefits. I had a recent colitis diagnosis and I just thought a part liquid diet would ease any sort of pressure (not literal pressure) on my guts!

certainly works for me!

Hi, I think Huel is worth doing but what are you having the one shake a day instead off?
For me Huel is good for quickness and also to be precise on what calories you are eating. I know by doing one scoop of Huel Black I’m getting 200 calories or 2 scoops 400 calories so its easy to manage your calories. I also often take a Huel shake out with me and that way im less tempted to buy less healthy food out

I have one Huel shake a day as my breakfast and lunch. I’m quite a slim build and have an office job so don’t need to eat that many calories. The first thing I noticed on Huel was that I didn’t feel hungry all the time and actually had more energy. I think the changes are subtle but if you really pay attention to your body you can probably notice them.

Depending on what else you’re eating I would be careful here. Swapping two meals for a 400kcal Huel may mean you’re not eating enough.

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I have 100g of Huel with 200ml of oat milk and then water. I think it works out at around 600kcal for the shake. Then I have snacks during the day if I feel hungry.

Although do Huel offer private nutritional sessions / advise? As I’ve been looking to talking to someone.

100kcal/100ml of oat milk is quite a lot, usually, it’s 50kcal/100ml, so I’m not sure you’re doing your math right.

Probably not! I’ve never really calorie counted before. I think it’s about 450kcal for the Huel and 100kcal for the oat milk. So 550kcal for my shake

2 scoops of huel are 400, and 100 from the milk.
500kcal are still a very light or small meal if you’re not cutting drastically. If it’s sustainable for you, all good. But keep in mind that drastic reducing calories is not doable in the long run.

I weigh out around 100g of Huel. I’ve been doing it for about 10 months now and my body seems to be coping. I basically only eat when I’m hungry.

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That’s the problem…many people don’t.

Unfortunately not. You could use the Associate of Nutrition’s database to find a legitimate nutritionist (RNutr).


I didn’t know there was such a thing.

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Nutritionist isn’t a protected term.
Registered Nutritionist (RNut) is protected.

That’s why there is so much misinformation online from nutritionist who have done a short course.


No, one shake a day is actually deadly poisonous and at 4 months you’ll drop dead.
10 shakes a day will turn you into Thor.

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