How much fibre is too much?

I quite like the huel bars and find them much more satisfying than liquid Huel. I’m trying to get a sense of how much fibre is too much (for adult males)? The recommended amount is 30 grams a day, which one would get by eating two huel bars and nothing else with fibre in it. If one ate four Huel bars and two 500 calorie shakes, that would be almost 80 grams of fibre. Is that something to be concerned about? What about six Huel bars and one 500 calorie shake (close to 100 grams of fibre)? To clarify, my question isn’t about flatulence or obvious digestive problems (which someone could notice themselves if it happened – in my case it doesn’t with Huel bars, even 4 or 6 a day) but about other, non-visible health issues.


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