How much lead or heavy metal is in the Hot and Savory items?

These noodles / pastas look very enticing, but wanted to get more details regarding the heavy metal content after seeing the Prop 65 warning. Hope y’all can help!

Welcome to the Huel forum @meowralius, I sure can!

As you mentioned prop 65 I’m going to give a bit of background so others understand where you’re coming from. In California prop 65 is a legislation that states food and drink products that have certain heavy metals over very low levels must carry a warning, even if they are naturally occurring from soil. This warning is unnecessarily emotive, and it’s not based on sound science or public health communication, but it’s law for us to display this to customers in California.

So what are the heavy metal levels like in Hot & Savoury products?
As you’re asking about the US, here are some recent test results:

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I tested mine for Spinal Tap and there was 11!


Thank you so much! This is great info!

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