How to clean huel from the carpet?

I’ve just accidentaly slopped huel everywhere. It’s everywhere - on the carpet, on the wall, on my trousers, on my body, on the table.But how to clean it from the carpet?

Like everything else that may fall on a carpet, I think Huel is not a special substance. Just another pappy, semi-liquid substance. Are we talking about powder, H&S or bars?
H&S and powder remove all the thick solid and substances first with tissues etc.

I think it depends also on the color of Huel and the carpet but I am not a cleaning expert afterwards to clean the stain maybe use windex perhaps and a cloth to clean it. Spray some windex on the carpet or cloth and rub and scrub until clean.

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Read about some people that like to microwave their bars which melts the outside

Isn’t Windex used for cleaning windows?

@damc if you haven’t already, I would try cleaning with a cloth soaked in warm water (and wrung out) after you have removed most of the solids of course.

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The worrying thing is you are being serious as well.

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Next time, refrain from partially quoting and leaving out phrases of a sentence in order to bring someone into discredit or cause face loss moreover one should also not partake in making baseless assumptions based on misquotations.

It’s not a misleading misquotation if it’s edited for clarity.

Just sayin’. :slight_smile:


Oh my my. Will you stop this?! It’s been three or four topics now where you create discussions and talk badly to people. Are you a five years old? Grow up already. You’re ruining the friendliness of this community.


False accusations, lies and usage of ad-hominems.
Let me remind you to do not divert the topic of the thread that is a violation of the guidelines along with the aforementioned.

I assumed either the OP’s lid came off the shaker, the cap came off or some kind of spillage.

You wanted confirmation they hadn’t microwaved a Huel bar and then proceeded to hurl it around the house multiple times covering everything in the vicinity. Then instead of just admitting it was a silly suggestion, smile, laugh, and move on, you have to play the victim and pretend everybody is ganging up on you.

There is a reason all the threads you are involved in go this way.


I’d use a Huelver. (Vacuum cleaner for the slower readers).


Do the shake and vac? …put the freshness back :+1:


I was summing up the products. Huel has a variety of products and depending on which of them it was a different cleaning approach might be necessary.
Huel also offers creative recipes and suggestions on how you could prepare, use and consume their products like brownies. The way people eat foods and with which seasoning is broad in scope hence why I enumarated it.

Let us all remain on topic, refrain from instigating unnecessary debates, not resort to ad-hominems, insults, damage the positive environment and bring others into discredit.

There’s a big difference between humor and disrespect and it seems that that line has been crossed on multiple occassions on various threads and whether it is perpetrated by one individual or multiple that is up to a moderator to decide.

Let me remind everyone to remain respectful, maintain a positive environment and not to divert/hijack topics.

But good jokes and gentle teasing are ok I hope. This will be a very dull place if we’re not allowed to call out silliness with good humour and creativity, which is exactly what happened.


Yes everyone, listen to the forum police, and please no humor from now on. :upside_down_face:


@OP My recommendation would be to let it dry, then use a stiff-bristled brush to scrub the dried huel so it turns into a powder whilst hoovering up the resultant huelly powdered mess - after that, carpet shampoo and a wet vac (if you have one).

The good thing about huel is whilst it dries like concrete (same as leaving porridge in a bowl), the lack of sugars and other yuk in it makes it quite easy to get out of carpets.

The above advice is qualified by the fact I have a bad habit of shaking my shaker before I’ve secured my lid… O_o


All, please reign it in. Interpolo is just trying to help. We’re all trying to enjoy ourselves here, but we don’t need to pick apart everyone’s sentences. I agree that some of the responses to Interpolo here have not been within the spirit of the forum and are bordering on picking on them. “Gentle teasing” isn’t OK if it is only at the expense of one individual.

Yes, gentle teasing should be ok for all of us. No doubt about that. In good humour. Everyone says silly things sometimes and it should be possible to express amusement without giving offence. Would hate to think that we’re walking on eggshells here.

Let me share what some people on the internet think about the difference between teasing and bullying.

“Teasing is light-hearted, playful joking around between friends and family mutually. It is done with a sense of fun and to create laughter and amusement between the people involved. Bullying, on the other hand, is not done playfully or jokingly, but rather hurtfully and negatively. In my opinion, there can be a fine line between the two. Teasing can become bullying if it hurts a person or is done with the intention to hurt the other.”

“In my opinion, teasing becomes bullying when it continues even if they know it’s upsetting you. If they know how you feel about it and they don’t stop or aren’t bothered, you should probably talk to somebody about it”

“Sometimes there isn’t always a difference. What is “teasing” to one person may feel like bullying to another. If you don’t see them laughing with you and if they’re averting their gaze to not make eye contact, that’s a good sign that they feel uncomfortable. No joke should go far enough to make a person feel worse than when the joke started. That’s not funny, that’s abuse.”

“I hate the way adults use “teasing” as a euphemism for “bullying.” Teasing is friendly and fun, done between friends; it’s supposed to be fun for everyone even if it makes someone a little embarrassed. Bullying is intended to purely to hurt and humiliate someone. People sometimes pretend to be teasing when they’re bullying so they can escape the consequences and because it’s fun for them to see you get extra frustrated arguing about whether they’re being offensive, but it’s easy to tell which is which: if they really are just teasing, they’ll stop and say sorry or cool it down the moment you get visibly upset. If they make fun of you for being uptight, they are bullying you.”

“The difference between them is that bullying is the act of putting someone down in a serious way that can impact them for life and Teasing is the act of making fun or saying thing in a light joking way”

“In my personal opinion, if a friend says something to you and you only, which you both know is not true and afterwards in a moment of seriousness confirms that it it isn’t true. That’s teasing. For example two people together and one turns to the other and says “you are so dumb” and then afterwards says something like “but your actually not, just distracted or something”. That’s teasing, harassment is when someone makes you feel bad and you definitely don’t like it.”

“From the outside, the difference is minimal, but from the inside it’s vious. Teasing usually comes from someone you trust and that you know is only messing with you as a friend. Also, if you tell them to stop teasing you because it makes you upset, they most definetely will. Bullying comes from a place full of distrust and negative emotions, and they won’t go just because you tell them to at first. It’ll take several tries and a long time, whereas teasing would immediately dissapear.”

  • source 7cups

It is a recurring theme perpetrated by multiple individuals, some more than others, spread out over multiple threads. It starts when someone voices an opinion contrary to their own and what then happens is that they form a group, bully and try to cause face loss by use of ad-hominems, accusations etc.

I make it clear that I do not appreciate this and would like it to stop.
Trying to gaslight someone for making their boundaries known and what they do not appreciate especially when taking it out of context and calling them a five year old is offensive and not welcome.
I request to reflect and reconsider your behavior is it is bordering on abuse and harassment.