Lean, Mean and Clean - Huelcrete

Been using the wonder food for a couple of weeks now and, rushing to get an early night, I did my usual mix to get it into the fridge for breakfast but spilt a fairly large glob of the mixed Huel on the kitchen sink. Normally I’d just wipe it up, but in a rush so I took the default position of “someone else will clean that up”.

However come the morning I returned to the sink area to do some Huel/frozen fruit blending, only to find that the spillage has set fast on the sink. It took me nearly five minutes with a pan scrubber and eventually a knife to remove the said blob. It had formed something that very much resembled cartilage. Not entirely opaque but very tough.

So my tip, clean your work surfaces ASAP.
Second tip, consider Huel for all those DIY jobs where Silicon Sealant just won’t do :slight_smile:

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Seconded. I got some welded onto my chopping board the other day.

Is this just an easy way to create our own Huel bars? Just tip on the work surface and leave it until morning, then cut it up into bars?


you’ll need a circular saw to cut it into bars

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No wonder “Huel poop” is a thing; it’s like a high-fibre street sweeper driving through your guts and taking all the garbage with it.

Love this stuff.


Would it set into portable chunks if you poured it into an ice cube tray and left it out overnight?

Possibly, but do you really want to eat food that has been left out all night? There is a reason we put things in tins and/or in the fridge.

True. I guess putting a lid on it would stop it drying it out.

Think I’ll wait until they’ve released the official bar.