How to deal with aftertaste?


I’m at day 4 of huel for breakfast and dinner instead of lunch.

I got the vanilla flavour and I tend to mix in some fruits for diversity. And I like the taste and am overall very happy with it!

The issue I’m having is how sweet it is. The aftertaste is haunting me all day. I keep having the sweet powdery taste in my mouth and it isn’t going away.

Is there any trick to get rid of it? Or is there an option to order huel with slightly less obscene amount of sweetener? Or did I maybe get an overly sweet batch?


Is this v.1.2? I found that problem with v.1.1 and I could barely drink it. I have v1.2 now and it’s much better.

I tend to mix mine with cocoa powder instead of other sweet stuff, and the bitterness of the cocoa tones down the sweetness.

So…try adding something bitter? Coffee would also work.

You could try the unflavoured and unsweetened but it’s really earthy and chalky. The aftertaste is stronger (though different) and it’s really difficult to mask the flavour.

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try a pallete cleanser, chew on a lump of ginger

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Holly, I assume it’s 1.2 as it arrived last Monday. It is written on the packaging or so? I’ll try cocoa powder - thanks!

Camayyn, … it seems so obvious now that I think about it. Thanks!

It’s 1.2.

I’ve noticed that more water reduces the sweet aftertaste, and adding cocoa powder (100%) also removes it (and is delicious).


Try buying the Unsweetened Huel and mix the two until you find the right balance of sweetness.