Huel 10 days

I start Huel 10 days ago.I have a food intolerance (fructose ) ,so unfortunately I can’t have all that nice smoothies.The first try was the recipe 3 scoops with 500 ml water ,which my stomach didn’t liked at all ,was very heavy and also not nice taste I had the feeling I’m drinking flour.So second try was use Huel like a flour and I made the Huel muffins( breads).I totally loved them !! Since then I eat every morning and afternoon + I have regular lunch and dinner (fish ,eggs ,meat ,vegetables,potatoes etc.) This Huel muffins keep me full and I also since then started Sugar free month (I’m a sugar addict but with Huel I don’t feel like I need sugar which is amazing!!!) Also as I eat them like a muffins I stopped eating bread (well just sometime)which is other good benefits thought .So far feel very happy with Huel think it’s already part of my nutrition and make me feel really good !!! Just wondering is that alright if I don’t drink it and eat it only like baked muffins(breads)?

I saw your post with the recipe and there’s not much else added. As long as the ingredients follow your own dietary needs and calories (if you’re counting calories) then I guess if this works then gfo.

I’d give drinking another try tho, just for convenience as it’s so much easier just to shake and drink. Maybe try a smaller amount, go for 1/2 scoops with 350 ml water and see if that goes down easier. Or you could try sipping over a longer period. 3 scoops is an average meal for some but for others it’s two meals so you’ll need to experiment :slight_smile:

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How do you make them ?

Sounds so good

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