Huel a good first meal when breaking a 16 hour fast?

Anyone have any experience with using Huel for breaking a fast.

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Use the search function to search for intermittent fasting or IF.

Simply speaking, yes

(Also, ya gotta specify what you mean by “a good meal”)

16 hour fast? You mean other than overnight, having had last meal of previous day early? Yes.

Methinks I just replied to a dead thread :laughing:

There’s a lot to be said for intermittent fasting.

I believe so.

Not as good as a massive fry up though.


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I’ve just ordered you one @hunzas


Ugh. It’s certainly a lot of bread. How big are the pots of beans etc? They look tiny, esp given those pots contain the only vaguely healthy stuff on there.

The pots look a fair size to me and you do get two of each. There is too much bread. The whole thing is rather ridiculous.

Over 4000 calories it says lol. I like a big breakfast but that’s a heart attack in a box . Not that I could eat all that mind, you would have to share it

Yes, I follow the 5/2 diet and Huel is perfect at the end of a fast day. So if I haven’t eaten since the previous night (normal for a fast day) I can just have my Huel shake in the evening and know I’ve eaten my 500 calories for the day. Plus it’s quick as I’m always very hungry by that point! It’s working very well indeed for me.

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I am on day 13 of a planned 40 day fast. Not a water fast. I have about 80 calories a day, two 40 calorie intakes about 6-8 hours apart, consisting of kombucha with a shot of organic apple cider vinegar and I consume a healthy amount of calorie/artificial junk free electrolytes with my approximately 200 ounces of water (I have plenty of body fat to make this relatively safe). However far I get I will break my fast with small and slowly increasing amounts of Huel and I’ll let everyone know how it goes!! Wish me luck!

Hey, I really advise against doing this. It doesn’t sound like you are getting enough nutrients particularly vitamins. With a lack of calories and macronutrients you will end up losing weight but that will include muscle.


Hi @GreenGazer - like Dan says, I’d advise against this. I can possibly see some merits in, say, a 7 day fast, but 40 could be dangerous for a number of reasons.

I see you note you’ll be breaking the fast slowly, which will be to prevent refeeding syndrome; but you should be measuring twice daily blood levels of urea, electrolytes and phosphates as you reintroduce food and adjusting your nutritional intake based on these results. Remember Huel is rich in potassium and phosphorus.


My first response was too large for the mail delivery system with my attachments. Here it is again without them.

Thanks for the response. I appreciate any advice. I forgot to mention I am also taking a high quality multivitamin powder with my high quality electrolyte powder. I take 3 doses of the electrolyte powder and 1-2 doses of the multivitamin daily as well. The electrolytes contain 6% calcium and potassium 110% vitamin C 6% phosphorus 25% magnesium and 4% chloride (×3 per day). The multivitamin contents are too large to list but I know other common concerns about extended fasts are vitamin K and Riboflavin which the multivitamin contains 25% and 100% respectively. Keep in mind I am also technically obese so I have plenty of stored calories as well.

Does that change any of your advice?

I am also listening to my body and if I am feeling unwell any time after 21 days I will finish the rest of the 40 with a Daniel fast. But I feel REALLY good right now at day 16 when 9pm arrives tonight. Honestly, I feel the best I have ever felt. I sleep better. I move better. I have enhanced mental clarity. I want to make a minimum 21 day fast an annual thing.

Again though, I genuinely appreciate your concern and response and really appreciate any advice.

To be honest, no. A lot of the vitamins and minerals, like vitamin D, are best eaten with food to increase absorption. Multivitamins/supplements are not subject to the same regulations as foods either.

If you want to lose weight rapidly through an ultra low-calorie diet then please do this with the supervision of a doctor or dietitian.


Hi GreenGazer,

Respecting your choice ( in no way meaning agreeing with it ) just leaving two links to ponder:

and also someone´s story: