Huel Adventure Bars & Balls - how many calories?

Hi, I came across this recipe, and would be very interested in your opinion on how many calories are in this:

Hi there! A while a go I tried to do a nutritional profile for them. I’m not sure how accurate it is, the program (Nutritics) is great but I am the one who inputted the Vanilla Huel nutritionals and probably messed it up somehow!

I can’t upload a PDF, so have just taken a snip:


I hope this helps!

Wow Tim, that’s amazing. Thank you!

Most of these things are unfortunately full of sugar :confused:

This is taking that mass and dividing it into how many Huel balls, @TimOfficeHuel?

Taking the recipe and dividing it into 8 :thumbsup:

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Thank you very much! I’m sure it will come in handy for other people too. For anyone that hasn’t tried these yet, they are absolutely amazing.