Huel after illness

Hi, new to the forum.

Got my first delivery over the weekend and only managed one serving before coming down with a bout of food poisoning (an unrelated meal!). Been sick all day yesterday and a bit today, but was wondering if anyone had any experience of taking Huel after having an upset stomach?

Hoping to have Huel for breakfast and lunch and want to get started tomorrow but unsure if my poor empty stomach will take it!

Mine is coming tomorrow so I’ve not got first hand experience, but I’d say it can only be beneficial It’s easy to digest, meaning less time in the stomach, plus loads of stuff to help you recover quickly.

It is food. You are basically asking if anyone has taken food after having an upset stomach.

It is blander (in a good way) than most food. So your poor empty stomach will take it just as well as it would take other plain food.

I wouldn’t choose tomorrow to start flavoring your Huel with Sriracha Sauce, though.