Tummy bug

Is Huel a good or bad choice to consume when you have a tummy bug. I have a bug with little to no appetite. I made my huel the night before so thought I might as well drink it as its full of nutrition. I’ve only drunk half of it and it’s 16:00. I can’t that it’s making me feel any better or worse :face_with_head_bandage:

I’d stay away from it and stick to anything solid and dry.

Little bit of meat and fish for recovery purposes.

Can’t think of anything worse than chugging a Huel while I’m ill, why on Earth would you?!

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I don’t eat at all when I have a tummy bug. If you have no appetite, that’s probably your body telling you not to eat for now. You’ll certainly notice when your appetite comes back. Hope you’re better soon!


Often a good idea to rest your system if you have a tummy bug. Just drink water until it passes.


Ah ok. Cheers.

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