Huel and Athletic Greens?

So I’m thinking of one scoop of Huel, one scoop of athletic greens for breakfast and lunch. Anyone else doing this? Maybe two scoops Huel and one AG since I will probably need more calories.

Interesting! First time I’ve heard of Athletic Greens! It depends on why you’d want to add it to Huel in the first place and what benefit you think it’d bring for your desired purpose?

From there website it looks like it is highly regarded amongst the pro athletes and health experts. Having said that I feel a bit cautious about it. Not sure what anyone else here thinks?

Correct me if I’m wrong though, it sounds like the whole food version of a multivitamin supplement? I’m not sure in the benefits of adding more ‘Vitamins, Minerals, Probiotics’ and so on, to the already existing 26 minerals and vitamins found in Huel?

Would be super interesting to hear a bit more about it :smiley:

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Hey - you might be better off adding fresh fruits and veggies to those shakes…for the taste, mouth sensation, and fullness of belly.

Check out some of the creations I’ve posted in my profile, or check out the Recipes tab for other killer ideas.

Grab a blender and let your taste buds guide you.

My Athletic Greens arrived. I tried one tonight, taste is pretty decent. Tomorrow morning I’ll have a Huel with two scoops after 10oz and one scoop of Athletic Greens. Since I’m not having every meal as Huel, the AG should help plug any holes for my nutritional needs. Hopefully it goes well.

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Let us know if you feel any benefits from the AG :slight_smile: would be interesting to hear about it!

So far so good. 800 calories from Huel today and 50 from AG. I drink the AG first and wait about 10 minutes, then have the Huel. Feel pretty good. Slightly better than normal. Will keep it going.

Is this still working out for your @Eric_E_Dolecki?

I tried AG a few weeks ago alongside Huel and didn’t notice any real benefit. My main question is if AG fills a nutritional gap? Or is it just a lower calorie way of getting good nutrition?