Huel and BAM

Hi all,

I suffer from Bile Acid Malabsorption or BAM and a few questions I was hoping someone would be able to answer.

Bile Salt Malabsorption

Bile is essential for us to digest fats that we eat. When we eat, bile is released from the gallbladder into the small intestine where fats are broken down and absorbed into the body. Normally most of the bile is then reabsorbed from the small intestine and recycled, with only a small amount reaching the large intestine (colon), where it is removed in the stools.

People with problems reabsorbing bile acid (bile salt malabsorption) have more bile than normal in the colon. This extra bile makes the colon release more water and speeds up the time it takes for waste to pass through the colon. This results in chronic watery diarrhoea.

Bile salt malabsorption is found in a number of conditions. For example, it can be caused by diseases of the small intestine, such as Crohn’s disease, and it is seen in people who have had an operation to remove or bypass their small intestine. However, sometimes it occurs when the small bowel appears normal; the reason for bile salt malabsorption in this situation is not known.

Although not life threatening, bile salt malabsorption can have a big effect on lifestyle and quality of life because the increased need to pass motions may limit the person’s ability to travel and leave the house.

Source: NICE

Running a restaurant as well as being a Chef makes suffering from BAM extremely difficult. I have been prescribed imodium and bile acid sequestrants which bind the bile together however this does not work consistently and as such I may go for a day or two without any food.

Does anyone know if Huel will cause the stomach to produce the same or less amounts of bile since there is no “food” to break down.

I was going to buy my first batch of Huel and see how I get on but thought it may be something worth talking about beforehand.


Hi! Have you have a SeHAT test for your malabsorption? I had this problem after having a loop Ileostomy reversed. My consultant prescribed Questran (Colestyramine) tablets. These are apparently mega expensive and doctors are relucatant to prescribe them where I live. May be worth asking your GP if this issue is affecting your life. I tried just one tablet and boy did it bung me up! Don’t know what’s worse! After the test I was abosorbing less than 1% but it seems to have righted itself over the last year (touch wood), although I do get the occasion bout of ‘battery acid’ diahorrea but it’s a Crohns thing!
I haven’t tried HUEL yet as I only stumbled upon it about 4 hours ago. Will be giving a try in the very near future! Good luck!


Yes I had the Sehcat test but I’ve not heard of cholestyramine tablets.
I’ve been prescribed it in powder form as well as immodium melts.

I tried Huel twice a day for two weeks and had none of the problems I had
previously. The only problem I found was taking cholestyramine powder as
well as Huel was very bloating. But in terms of bowel movements there were
no issues whatsoever.

I’m about to try Huel again for a few weeks and I’ll speak to my GP re.
Cholestyramine tablets.

Thanks for the info!

Any updates on this? A friend has a stoma now. Wondering if I should recommend Huel.

Does your friend have an Ileostomy or Colostomy?
The reason I ask is because from my experience of a having a temporary Ileostomy, the ‘output’ was very (VERY!) liquid. This is apparently normal but I understand that a colostomy is different.
I am easing HUEL gently into my diet as, with it being high in fibre, it has an almost laxative effect on my system. This is one of the side effects of the surgery I had. Never a dull moment in this household! :roll_eyes:
The guys at HUEL do warn that people with Crohn’s disease should be careful, so I was aware there may be some issues for me before I placed my first order.
I am determined to continue as I believe that the benefits from the nutrition HUEL provides are too good to miss.
So it really depends on your friends’ circumstances.
There are many products available to make life with a stoma easier. If your friend has only recently had the surgery and would like any more information please give me a shout!