Huel and F45

For any other Heuligans on here who have also been converted to F45, this is the thread for you. I tried and failed the last challenge (24) due to the food being unsustainable for me, and also an achilles injury which all but put me out of action for the most part of the challenge.

This time I’m trying again, but am determined to stick to the exercise portion 5 days a week but am planning on levelling up my huel game instead of the meal plan as I’ve decided it is wank. I have huel black and white, and am planning to sub it in for 2 meals a day (more or less what I currently do) and have one vegan/whole food meal for either lunch or dinner. At approx 400kcal each Huel meal and one un-counted meal (I don’t get on with calorie counting) I should be well within my deficit, especially with training so hopefully will see some results! Basically putting this here as I might update you lot, and use this as a space to vent, rant or gloat about my progress :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Also can be used as a little support group for anyone out there also doing challenge 25!

For anyone interested these are my current stats;
Weight: 12st (approx 76kg)
Biological Sex: F
Height: 5ft 6" (168cm)
BMI: 26

In the last challenge I got my BMI down from 29 to 26, and if I can get it down to 23/4 I’ll be in the healthy range. Admittedly, BMI is also wank and I’m mainly hoping to reduce BF% and increase muscle. If that happens I don’t care what my BMI is!

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So hey gang, its the third day of the challenge and the workouts are BRUTAL but doable as its the getting up for them that’s the hard part :laughing: As for the Huel part it has revolutionised my routine, as meal prep is just shake up two bottles the night before, in the morning stick one in the gym bag and one in my rucksack to go in the fridge when I get to work so a win for Huel there. I also like that I’m thinking about and planning food less, and also feeling less tempted by eating shit which I did last time around when I was following a calorie restricted meal plan. I ended up accidentally doing 100% Huel on Monday because I got invited out after work last minute, but just made up a shaker and done! Also, I noticed two other Huel shakers at my Tuesday morning workout, so Huel is winning at my F45 studio! I have reeeeally found myself craving Huel bars of which I have none, to satiate some interim hunger between shakes/boredom at work, but sadly will have to wait for payday to get some :cry:

I don’t have scales so I won’t be able to update as I go along, but I had my pre-challenge scan and the stats are as follows:

Weight: 77kg (more than I thought, but I have put on 1kg of muscle since the last scan I had so :woman_shrugging:)
Body Fat %: 30.10
Fat Mass: 23.18kg
Muscle Mass: 51.10kg
BMI: 27.3 :cry: definitely overweight, need to change this
Metabolic age: 32 (LOL nearly 10 years older than my actual age aha…)

So basically I am not in tip top shape and I want to be, that’s why I’m doing this. I feel like 45mins of HIIT 5x a week and diet of 2/3 Huel in a calorie deficit will go some way to reorganising my body composition. Fat mass :arrow_down: muscle mass :arrow_up: but only a bit. My arms, tummy (although my gf loves it haha), thighs and back are the things I have always been really self-conscious about, so if I can lose enough overall BF to shrink my arms and generally tone than I will leave the challenge a happy Hueller.

Enjoying the space here to post things like this, even if no-one reads or interacts lol. Think I found inspiration from reading @jeffy89’s huge log :heart:

Replying to let everyone know I made it through the first week of workouts! It’s great and I feel slightly leaner today - comfortably in some jeans with a restrictive waistband!

Weighed myself the other day and have lost 0.5 ish kg which is a couple of lbs(?) in the first week - go team.

Think I’m going to do 100% Huel this week and see what difference that makes. Onwards and downwards :wink:)

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Hello! Would love to hear how this panned out for you

Thanks you for sharing

Hey guys! Actually really well until lockdown hit, but I’ve got back to Huel and the gym and am feeling healthy. I got down to about 72kg before the world went tits up

When I read the title for the first time (quick scan) I literally read it as E45 :lotion_bottle::sweat_smile::lotion_bottle::sweat_smile::lotion_bottle::sweat_smile::lotion_bottle:

What is F45 in a nutshell? @mae24 - I gave a quick search but I reckon somebody with inside knowledge would be far better at explaining. Sounds intense in any case!!

Glad you’re keeping on track and persevering. Dedication and commitment as key essentials in life! :love_you_gesture: