Huel and hormones (low estradiol)

Hi, I was getting nasty acne on my back, I tested my hormones and my estradiol level is very low
should be: 11,3 — 43,2, mine is < 5.
I’m investigating my diet now. I’m drinking Huel on daily basis. Is it possible that Huel lowers estradiol?

Did you get anything tested other than just oestradiol?

I’m assuming your male right? If so do you have any symptoms of low Testosterone?

-low sex drive/lebido
-Erectile issues
-emotional issues, such as low mood, depression, anxiety, mood swings etc
-fat gain
-change in sleep patterns

You can’t have low oestradiol (not that low anyway) and have healthy testosterone levels basically.

I highly doubt Huel will be the culprit.

How would one increase testosteron?

Weight training is pretty good for slightly boosting test levels in men, especially working large muscle groups like legs and back.

Other than that, hitting the juice is likely the most effective way. Ethically however, shaky ground…

My testosterone is perfectly fine. Should be: 2,8 — 8,0, mine is 6,11.
My TSH: 4,17. Should be: 0,27 — 4,20.

I noticed that I’m a bit down recently for sure, and more irritated that I used to be. I workout regularly (~ 3 times per week), however I didn’t do any training for 10 days before the test.

Yeah, that’s one possible way, but there are many others…

  • Sleep - getting 7-9 hours is the way forward when it come to testosterone, anything under this and it starts dropping on by about 20% for every couple of hours less.

This includes making sure if someone has sleep apnea that’s addressed too

  • Sex - maintaining an active sex life helps, there was a study done in a US sex Club and that showed a whopping 36% increase. This applies to women too BTW… And no, “a solo session” doesn’t count.

  • Stress - keeping stress in check is a big one, especially since stress increases cortisol and cortisol will suppress Testosterone though various ways. Meditation has also been found beneficial for testosterone/hormonal health.

  • Exercise - adding to the weight lifting comment from @GTIPuG chronic cardio/ too much endurance training is a no no for increasing T…

  • Lower Endocrine exposure - so limit BPA plastic exposure etc…

  • Keep bodyfat in check, too much bodyfat will increase aromatase and in turn lower Testosterone, aim for around 15% if male.

*Simple medical factors - check for varicoceles correcting that alone will lead to a large increase. Trust me they are a pain in the balls, both literally and figuratively.

  • Medications - Includes but not limited to, SSRI’s, Various painkillers - opiates, NSAID’s, Antihistamines, Steroids and Statins.

But especially Codine, avoid!

Oh and no, “hopping on the juice” won’t help at all in the long run, as once you come off you’ll be far worse, trust me… Long term steroid abusers have lower testosterone.

TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) however is the obvious treatment for Low Testosterone, and obviously there is no hopping on and off that, it’s for life, I’m the living breathing example, my balls essentially failed a few years back… Which leads me to my next point, and that’s if there is a true case of Hypogonadism (Low T) then no amount of messing with the above ideas is likely to work, certainly worth a shot, but don’t hold your breath, however if you are normal and healthy then yes, the stuff that I’ve mentioned will be a huge help to maintain levels though life, including older age.

Have you touched any anabolic steroids? (not judging) or used any form of AI (aromatase inhibitor)?

Your testosterone seems fine if the surface, so that’s good. The low Oestradiol is still very odd though… And likely to make you feel like rubbish.

The high TSH shouts thyroid issues though, id get fT3 and fT4 checked out imo.

Did you get SHBG checked at all?


So that’s where I’m going wrong…

Remember :fist::sweat_drops: doesn’t count haha

Damn, I’m out. May as well quit hahaha.

Thank you @Stole_My_Sweetroll!

For the workout, all I used was creatine and whey protein powder.
I used to take Proscar January - March to stop losing hair. However, finally, I shaved my head and quit this therapy. It doesn’t explain low estradiol though, I read that Proscar increases estrogen, not lowering it.
I’m taking Acyclovir twice per day for the last year.
I’m taking as well some vitamins: zinc, omega3, multivitamin, biotin.

I feel like a shit for 2 years. I used to do a lot of intensive bodyweight workouts (sometimes even up to 1000 burpees per day) it would explain low estradiol. However, for the last year, I’m doing mostly weights and my workouts are quite chilled.

What would you recommend? Shall I go with that case to a doctor or I can try to change lifestyle / diet first? Is NHS alright to deal with that issues or that’s a waste of time? Will be grateful for recommendations.