Huel and illness

Since I have been on Huel, I haven’t caught any of the colds or sickness bugs that my family have had. I also have a lot less joint pain first thing in the morning. I used to wake up and hobble down the stairs. Now, I run down them straight out of bed!
My weight hasn’t dropped a lot, but I am now reducing Huel to 70g in 500ml and it’s helping.


Hi Mavis, great to hear you are bounding out of bed and down the stairs in the morning. I have always been fairly resistant to minor illness, but this year I have been ill for half a day and not had a single cold! I started at Huel and started using Huel most days in late January. Coincidence? I think not.



I was ill most of last year with sickness, chest infections and then kidney stones from March to July. I put on loads of weight as I couldn’t move around as the stent was so painful.
Feeling so much better this year, dropping weight and on Huel.


I’d say it’s also because you’re actually getting all the vits protein that your body needs as apparently if you cook meat it loses the b12 content so by having huel you’re getting b12. I had a slight feeling of a cold the other day and I haven’t been drinking huel for a couple of weeks had some for a few days and felt better instantly.

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