Huel and strength training

Hi Huelers! My name is Raffaele, I’m 22 and weighs 75kg by 1.82cm.

I have just started in the gym to devote myself to a total strength training (5x5 of StrongLifts).
I like it, I feel better and I prefer it to monofrequency exercises.
Since I’m also trying to keep the high fat and lower carbohydrates (I’ve discovered I’m sensitive to carbohydrates), does it make sense to use Huel as a post-workout in this situation?
My current ratio of 2700 calories was 45% fats (115gr), 25% carbohydrates (160gr) and 35% proteins (230gr) and when I can fast in the 16-8 method.

I know that insulin should be raised in the postworkout but I think I can get good results in this sense too. I do not want to be big, just train well and eat well. Do you believe it is always wrong to keep a low insulin depending on the training done?

Thanks so much!
(The new berry flavour is amazing, isn’t it?)

Hi @Raffaele - many people do include 2-3 scoops of Huel PWO - the protein and carb mix make it an ideal choice for this time. The one time you ‘can’ take on more carbs, is PWO.

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