Huel and the liver


I’m a few days in to Huel being a part of my daily diet and I’m enjoying it. While by no means “delicious” the vanilla tastes fine and I find it quite satisfying and the convenience is great (this is from someone who enjoys cooking and is fortunate enough to have the flexibility to cook & eat a proper meal most of the time).

My intention was to have Huel most days for breakfast, double up for lunch too as often as possible and then eat what I like (which was already reasonably healthy anyway) on an evening with the odd 100% Huel day.

So far so good. I enjoy it for breakfast and already find that of all the so called “unconventional” (what does that even mean anyway?) breakfasts I’ve tried over the years this fills me up far more and doesn’t leave me feeling “wobbly” by mid morning as a smoothie or a bowl of porridge or a couple of poached eggs with veg would…

No 100% day yet though!

Anyway, prior to discovering Huel I read a lot about how much work we make the liver do especially when eating protein and especially when eating protein from red meat.

How much work does my liver need to do in comparison to process the 30g or so of protein in a pint of Huel? I would assume and am hoping it is far less, would I be correct?

This is what I do most days too. It works really well. No need to worry about food during the daytime at all.