Huel Bar Macros and Calorie Content

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First of all, let me say I’m a big Huel fan.

I’ve been looking at Huel bars and your website states that the macros are 38:32:24:6 (carbohydrate, protein, fat, fibre).

Each bar is stated to contain:

Carbs: 23.7g
Protein: 15g
Fat: 9.2g
Fibre: 7.5g
Calories: 250 kcal

To my knowledge, using 4 calories/ gram for carbs, protein and fibre, and 9 calories/ gram of fat, the macros would be 35:22:31:11 and a total of 267.6 calories.

Is there something I’m missing?

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This has come up a few times. These threads may help. There are more, just search for macro.


Thanks @Coup! already found the answer on one of the threads. Cheers

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