Why do the macros and calories not match?

Hi can anyone tell me if I’m making a mistake? The kcals (supposedly 2000) don’t match the macros. 186c 66f 148p add up to 1930kcals.

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Fibre maybe makes up the difference?

4 kcal per gram of carbohydrates is, for example, just an average. It is popularization.
Same for the lipids and it is even more true with the proteins for which kcal/g can vary a lot depending on the amino acids

Fibre is either 0 or 2kcal depending on if it is fermentable by gut bacteria.

Even so, using the Atwater factors (carbs and protein =4kcal/g and fat=9kcal/g) is just a basic tool. It is simplistic and… as I’m writing this @vanquish as answered it for me.

Thank you!

Yep, and this is not specific to huel. It is true for all products you can eat :slight_smile:

Just for fun, guess why a glass of wine is that much calorical whereas it does contain no carbohydrates, no lipids and no protein :slight_smile:

Just because alcool is 7 kcal / g and it is not one of the 3 macro nutriment


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