Macro Calculations not adding up

Right, so, this might just be me making a silly error, but I can’t seem to make the macros on huel add up mathematically…

1g of protein = 4 calories
1g of carbohydrates = 4 calories
1g of fat = 9 calories.

So if we calculated that metric with 100g of vanilla huel…

Carbs 37.1g = 148.4 calories
Protein 29.5g = 118 calories
Fat 13.1g = 117.9 calories

148.4 + 118 + 117.9 = 384.9 calories per 100g of huel… Not 400 calories

So which is it? :joy:

Add fiber to your calculations and let us know the result :wink:


Ah, got it, I’m just being retarded.

Seems fibre is sometimes calculated at 2 calories per gram, from my understanding that its due to gut bacteria produced etc.

So if its 7.9 x 2 = 15.8

So all in all comes to 400.7 calories. Which makes sense. :slight_smile:


Don’t do that to us. Not cool.


But without the setup there’s no punchline & you did deliver it with not only aplomb but also a shiny gif? Thank you for the gift of laughter Tim; though I do hope it’s listed in the Huel Forum nutritional information & is less than the acute reference dose!

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Also worth bearing in mind that the 4/4/9 calories for carbs/proteins/fats is a very good but not perfect rule. For example, proteins are made up of various different amino acids, and these amino acids don’t all have a perfect 4 calories per gram - there is some variance, with, for example, leucine and isoleucine having ~4.65 calories per gram and valine having ~4.64 calories per gram amongst other differences. Medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) also have a lower calorie content than most other fats, having ~8.3 calories per gram rather than the traditional 9 calories per gram. So if you see a label where the calculation doesn’t quite work out perfectly, that doesn’t mean the label is wrong.


Can I use you and this comment as a reference in my CV? Or perhaps I’ll add it to my eHarmony profile…


Correct and I use these in my own formula calculations; however, our labelling is validated by testing and in testing, they use the 9,4,4,2 rules.

Also note, the calories per gram calculations vary in different parts of the world… yes, I know …


Do you happen to have a source with the calories per gram of each amino acid? I’ve been looking for a while but can only find the data for the BCAAs.

No, but I can ask someone …

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I’m sure you’ve been non stop thinking about this for the past year - but don’t fret. I wrote an article about it …


Hi Rebeca - thanks very much for this. I did actually find the data a little while after I posted last year (seemingly from the same source study as used in your article), but it’s great to see this information made more easily available. Thanks for letting me know :slight_smile:

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