Huel Bars - Good or Bad

Trips to the toilet must be increasing :laughing:

ooof! That looked so damn GOOD. So good that I’m gonna have to make that right now hahaha

I absolutely love Huel bars. Chocolate is my favourite and the only one I’m not keen on is chocolate orange as the orange is powerful.

I like them exactly as they come out the packet no mods :slight_smile: the texture to me is so satisfying.

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Cool I have added a couple to my next order so lets see how I go. I have a new baby and sometimes when Mum needs to catch up I take him for long walks, a bar would be great to take with me.


Really liked the Coffee Caramel, can see me getting more of these.

I tried my first Huel bar on Saturday (it was a Chocolate Orange one). Sadly, not for me. It was gross.
Not only did the taste disappoint, the texture was very unpleasant.

If anyone has watched the TV show Snowpiercer, and has seen the protein blocks that the stowaways in the tail get as their food rations, I can’t help but notice the similarity in appearance. Just hope they are not made out of the same things :rofl:

Will be sticking with the drinks, as no such issues there.

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Wow that’s an excellent weightloss, I’d love to hear your story if you’re interested?
I’m a stone heavier than I’d like after cancer treatment and have low energy levels, and currently severe acid reflux and esophageal issues, so have been considering trying Huel.
Results like this are very persuasive :+1:t3::+1:t3:

One thing I’ve learned over the years is that a diet that works is a very personal thing. What works for me could be quite unique.

Anyway, what I have found works is using Huel for most of my mid-week meals and snacks, then eating what I like at weekends. Huel keeps me full and suppresses cravings (if I eat complex carbs for breakfast or lunch, I will be hungry all day!). So, Huel vanilla breakfast, H&S for lunch, Huel bar mid-afternoon, then usually H&S again for dinner (occasionally substitute for a big salad). And a yogurt for pudding!

That keeps me to around 1800cal per day. Weekend, i don’t count calories and probably over-eat. However the result has been 2-3 pounds a week for the first few weeks, then 1 pound a week for the second half of the 20 weeks.

And, ignoring the weight loss, i feel great for it too.

Fantastic, did you make any other changes, for instance exercise?

No, just the food. I ride my bike a couple of times a week, but other than that i have a desk job so not very active.

What works for me - If I ‘over exercise’ while trying to lose weight it just leaves me either hungry/craving food (usually carbs) or justifying to myself that I can eat something I shouldn’t!

This totally makes sense! I love the fact that it seems to leave you feeling satisfied, and yet can have such an effect on your weight etc. Thanks for the reply

Tried to get another in Sainsburys however, they only sold two flavours.

:open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

I didn’t realise you could buy HUEL BARS IN SAINSBURYS?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?

Life is now complete.

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Yeah I agree they aren’t nice

Hey Chris! Besides from what you’ve already said about what you don’t like, how does it compare to snack bars that you may usually go for instead? In terms of texture, taste and overall satisfaction? I’m just curious :slight_smile:

I persuaded my dad to try the bars and he compared them to Clif Bars of which you’d typically take on a long cycle ride! I really like the Huel Bars for a fulfilling afternoon pick me up. To be fair I’m not a fan of the Raspberry and White Chocolate bar though I’d still demolish it lol

So I bit the bullet and got some bars. I went for Salted Caramel and Peanut Butter. My first impression with both flavours was I wasn’t keen and by that I mean the first bite I took but then I began to enjoy them. I think it’s important to get the notion out of your head they are going to taste like a snickers but instead they are a healthy and quick food source. I espeically like the salted Caramel with a nice cup of yorkshire tea or a good coffee.


Have you tried microwaving them? I love Huel bars so much I actually swapped out h&s in favour of them for my next order. Some of them (peanut butter and raspberry and white chocolate in particular) taste a bit like hamster food when they’re cold (please don’t ask me how I know this) but if you microwave for 15 seconds they taste like a freshly baked cake. Even just leaving them in your pocket makes them much nicer. My favourites are chocolate and chocolate orange, but raspberry and white chocolate is also up there. I love them after long shifts at work or sometimes as a quick pre breakfast if I have to get up really early.

Microwave for 15 seconds until it starts to bubble up, or don’t be afraid to even let it turn into a delicious puddle. I like them on their own but every so often I’ll add alpro yoghurt and some frozen berries. Soooooo good :heart_eyes:


I don’t eat snack bars.

Between meals I would traditionally snack on fruit or nuts if available, or worst case scenario I end up going for junkier things like crisps, or stodgy things like bread, pastries or cake.

Interesting! What made you try Huel Bars if you don’t eat bars usually? May just be a case of trying standard flavours like chocolate and getting used to it (if you wanted to that is!) though, fruit or nuts are equally decent snacks :slight_smile:

I tried them to see if they were viable for me to have in the house as a snack alternative (to help avoid the inevitable path to junk food). They are not for me. I thought that was obvious from my previous posts?

But, on the plus side, if the world freezes and a load of unticketed passengers force their way onto the train that is the last hope for humanity, I know what they will be fed with instead of sharing the food in 1st, 2nd and 3rd classs. #snowpiercer