Huel bars - including recipe and nutritional profile

OK but in this way the overall price gets high enough for the original Huel bars to become competitive when factoring in the convenience. My test was done actually with a no-sugar chocolate.

I don’t think making your own is competitive price wise at all, due to the time involved.

[quote=“bogn, post:21, topic:3919, full:true”]My test was done actually with a no-sugar chocolate.

Then your comment about using a minimum thickness to keep sugar levels low doesn’t really make sense.

Sorry I missed to mention that I don’t like no-sugar chocolate, so I don’t plan using it regularly, but it was the only available chocolate at the time of the experiment.

Feeling inspired by this I’ve mixed the following:

250g Coconut Oil
250g Vanilla Huel
10g Flaxseed powder

I’ll work the calories and nutrients out later.

Currently in the fridge to allow the coconut oil to ‘set’

My thinking was coconut oil as the binder with excellent MCT values. Flaxseed powder as thickener with good fatty acid levels and Huel - well it’s Huel innit.

Thinking maybe investing in Peanut Powder (maybe PB Fit). Could top with a drizzle of Manuka honey.

Will reserve those after tasting this.

Just experimenting really.

I’ve been doing more messing around with my recipe. It actually works fine when they’re chilled, but at room temperature they become too much like cookie dough.

I’ve bought some vitamix, which I see lots of other bars use. It should hopefully help bind it together better without needing to add sugar. I’ve been avoiding it due to the extra fibre it adds, but I munched down three of the new vanilla flavoured Twenny bars last night (which have an enormous amount of fibre) and didn’t experience any extreme issues with the added fibre.

Your coconut oil idea is an interesting one too. I’m interested to hear how that goes.

The original recipe I posted above can be less like cookie dough, but you need way less water, and then it becomes crumbly. So you have crumbly and fragile, or cookie dough’ish. I think for practicalities sake, we need something more solid, or to only eat them when chilled.

Just been working out that 50g ‘bar’ equates to 332.5 calories whereas a similar size chocolate bar named after a planet is 230 calories - but the nutritional values are way different.

Currently setting in the fridge. Will upload a pic in due course.

Are you sure your calorie calculation is correct? That sounds way too high for 50 g of food.

100 g of pure sucrose is 387 kcal, so reaching 332 kcal from 50 g of anything sounds somewhat implausible to me.

Slight miscalculation but not much - just as an aside 50g of coconut oil is 447cals

So 510g = 3304

That’s a coconut oil bar, not a Huel bar :wink:

Kinda thinking that myself. 150g oil next time with 350g Huel

Too moreish and only had 25g. Second eldest son (aka the gannet) is showing an interest as post gym recovery fuel.

Thought I’d add a recipe I tried the other day to this. I decided to make Huel “energy balls” (Inspired by an epsiode of the TV show “its always sunny in philadelphia”). I haven’t looked in depth at fat content, but have worked out the sugar.

600g GF Huel - ~2400 cals
23g Butter - 168 cals
60g honey - 196 cals (48g sugar)
17g olive oil - 153 cals
47g almond butter - 307 cals (no added sugar)

All this was mixed together using about 450 mls of recently boiled water. Then rolled up into 24 balls weight about 50 g each. I put them in the fridge to firm up and then froze them.

Each ball has about 135 cals and 2 g sugar on top of the sugar in the Huel. They don’t taste too bad and are a pretty decent snack. Better than a bag of crisps anyway.

I know this won’t suit everyone as its not vegan.

I’m quite proud of myself!


Butter is an interesting idea. I hadn’t thought of using that to bind the bars together.

You could easily veganise it tho…

I attempted a variation on @jmjam19’s recipe. I don’t recommend anyone try them as they did not hold together at all. I tried to form them into bars but they just crumbled apart once they cooled. I didn’t try freezing them like jmjam19 did, so I can’t comment on what effect this would have. @jmjam19, do your balls stay together even after thawing to room temperature?

300g U/U Huel
13g vegan butter (used Sainsbury’s Freefrom spread)
25g Vitafiber
2 tsp olive oil
25g almond butter (from Bulkpowders)
250ml hot water (left in the kettle for a couple of minutes post boil)

Makes 8 bars. Each bar is 200 cal, with 20.4g carb (of which .5g is sugar), 8.8g fat and 12.2g protein.

I simply put all ingredients in a bowl and mixed together.

Were I to try this again I would probably use quite a bit more Vitafiber as it is a good binder. Also, most recipes say that it should be mixed with water and heated until it dissolves in. I didn’t do this. I don’t know if it is necessary to “activate” the Vitafiber or not.

they’re pretty soft but stick together well enough to eat. I think shaped as bars they would fall apart. It did take quite a bit of kneading and rolling to get them solid enough to not fall apart. I think the stickiness of honey definitely helps that. The problem with honey is the amount of sugar though. They were pretty firm before freezing. The main reason I froze them is to keep them fresh so they’d last a few weeks.

Vitafibre looks like a good alternative to honey. I might give it a go next time I make a myprotein order.

By the way I just used what I had in the house. I’m not vegan or veggie, but I like that Huel is both of these things for the environmental reasons if nothing else.