Huel bars - including recipe and nutritional profile


This recipe is amazing, got a fudgey texture, I can definitely make my 12 scoops a day target by scoffing this. So quick to knock up to. I added a little cocoa powder and currents. Gona try swapping the apple sauce for other preserves, which will obviously ruin the sugar levels, but probably taste incredible.


Here’s the recipe I’m currently using, modified from @ryanhellyer 's experimental recipe. This makes a 2.7kg batch which I’ve been freezing and consuming over 10-14 days:

Dark chocolate (85%) 200g (1 part)
Jam 120g (2 parts)
Juice 1200ml (~6parts)

Huel/protein mix 1200g (6 parts)
(Huel 800g + plantein 400g)

Macronutrients - per 100g
Calories: 395
Protein: 24.44g
Carbs: 31.11g
Fat: 20g
Sugar: 11g


Thanks for sharing your new recipe. I’m surprised you added more protein to them, that is a lot of protein. I wouldn’t bother using multivitamin juice myself, since there’s already plenty of vitamin fortification via the Huel itself.

I need to make up a new batch of bars myself. I got lazy after I bought some of the new vanilla flavoured low’ish sugar Twenny bars, but I don’t think they’re as healthy as the home made Huel bars. They do have a slight effect on my digestion system too (not really bad, but enough to make me never eat them for a whole day).


I disagree thought,that one is Nutella :heart:️:joy: because of the hazelnuts inside so yummy :yum: