My First Attempt at a cold pressed High Protein Huel Bars

This is my first attempt at making some cold pressed high protein chocolate and peanut butter Huel bars.

Chocolate Protein Powder
Peanut Butter
Ground Almonds
Milled Flaxseed with Almonds, Walnuts, Brazil Nuts & Co-Enzyme
Small amount of Carob fruit syrup
Almond Milk
There are okay.

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These look great. Any chance you have the weights/more detail?

I began with 200g of Vanilla Huel
90g Chocolate Protein Powder - or three heaped servings
100g Ground Almonds
3 large tbs of Cacao - I used Raw Cacao powder
1tbs of Flax Mix
3 tbs of crunchy peanut butter
Small amount of Carob Fruit Syrup - it might have perhaps needed a little more

Mix all together - then bind with Almond Milk - shape - dust with more Flax mix - and let the bars set in the freezer.

I did end up making the mix too wet so added a little more dry ingredients to get the mix to the right consistence to shape - but this was my fault, and had I taken more time in the mixing I would have found that I did not need to add as much Almond milk as I did.

I am not sure how well they will travel so I am considering covering the bars in chocolate - the taste is okay ( I wanted something to eat after running and the gym, I am training to run ultra marathon distances and need to keep my calories up, so there are no Mars Bar, but do contain everything I need for recovery). They are a little like fudge bars. Also they are far too big, but this was because I did not have much room in the freezer.

The next batch - I might add something crispy or perhaps fruity just to offer an extra level of taste.

But over all for my first attempt I am quite pleased with the results.

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