Huel Birthday Gift

I just had an email asking me for my birthday for a free gift on my birthday month.
This is fantastic I love free stuff
Only my birthday was last month so I have to wait a while 11 months for my free gift sad :frowning :frowning:
Oh well next year I’ll be a winner

Yeah but it asked you to put in your birthday. So my birthday is May. Even though it’s really Feb


I think that’s cheating.


did someone lie to you and tell you life was fair? :slight_smile:

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I did consider that.
However then next year I’d not get a birthday gift on my birthday which would be really, really sad

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Yeah but Huel will have gone bust by then cos all of its customers will have moved to AG1/Solent/jimmyJoy insert other company here because they don’t like tweaks to the product.

And you will lose out.

I’m like Queen Elizabeth 2 - I have 2 birthdays when it suits me.


Long live Queen Hunzas

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Wow, that cut deep.


They never asked for my birthday :frowning:

My neither. I hope there’s not going to be a risk of alienating those of us who are unfavoured. :frowning:

Well here’s the thing. They never asked for my birthday either and I order regularly. But they did ask for my birthday on another account I have that has never ordered, so it may just be a ploy to entice new customers. What’s the deal. Sounds like sharky business here @Mark_Huel

I think we’ve been naughty.

Maybe they are waiting till a month after your birthday before they send out the email


I just came to mention this, my birthday is this month (next Tuesday if anyone wants to wish me happy returns). I filled in the link but don’t understand what happens now? will something come in my next order? does the order have to be in the same month? :thinking:

A queen, rather than the Queen…? :grimacing: (sorry @Hunzas :heart:)


I am not sure you can say that any more in these woke times. Snowflakes get offended. Have you noticed though that the biggest snowflakes appear to be the gammons?


They’ll send you a big box of greens and a cork

So you’re saying I need to avoid a frosty response from the gammon-y slowflake Queens?

Got it :grimacing:

They’d make good pantomime characters. Is a Michael Barrymore still doing panto? True story the last panto I went to he was in. Alas the swimming pool incident meant he never did another.

I also met rod hull and emu at panto when I was a kid. Annoyed that emu didn’t try to rip my head off.

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No email asking for my birthday either….