Huel Birthday Gift

On the other hand everybody can only mention one date, which means one gift per year, so for the company it does not really make a difference whether someone enters the true date or another one.
I don’t care anyway because I neither want nor need any “gifts”…

Not even a bumper book of jokes? I thought you’d love that


:rofl: Im not sure id trust a cork


@Mark_Huel Hey, please could you advise if the DOB inputted is used only for the gift, or does it feed into any metrics or data shared for ads, etc? Thanks.

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on their data privacy policy they have to ask you your permission before sharing personal data:

We will get your express opt-in consent before we share your personal data with any company outside the Huel group of companies for direct marketing purposes.

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I’d have faked my own death too, faced with the prospect of weekly meetings with Liz Truss.


Phil pretty much hit the nail on the head!

We will only use your data externally if we have your permission. You can catch all the deets right here in section 6 on how we use your data - Privacy Policy – Huel

Like anything we do use this internally to look at various analytics and compile analysis to further improve customer’s experiences :heart:

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So, how do we sign up?

Sharky business…this friendship really is blossoming.

So the current account you’ve not popped your birthday in yet? You can do this via the manage the preferences section on the email :raised_hands:

I’ve just realised I’m better than the queen. I have my real birthday, my fake birthday and my Huel forum birthday.

When is Huel making nutritionally complete birthday cake?

but… no email. :sob:

But but… puts on work hat… your Onetrust setup isn’t compliant with IAB TCF v2.2 or GCMV2 yet - which you ideally should have been by end of March. Hopefully you’ve got plans to update soon :wink:


I can’t contact you directly but if you drop us an email at I’ll try and help you out so we don’t miss your birthday!

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Can you please clarify - is the birthday thing for everyone? Subscribers? 3000 mealers? Who?
I’ve not received an email…

Also, will we ever have the option to check how many meals we’ve bought in our user account? Talk of adding this feature goes back to when Tim was a lad.

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I mean that’s a great suggestion and something I’l pass on for you for sure!

Its open to everyone! Did you receive this?

If not it might be worth signing up to our marketing emails so you’ll always be in the loop :sweat_smile:

I’m a regular Huel buyer and have been since 2016 and signed up to marketing emails but I didn’t t receive it to my primary account. Yet my other account that has never ordered did receive it. So it wasn’t sent to everyone, just a selection of accounts/subscribers.


oooshya. Sounds a bit new customers only that. Thought we had moved away from that shit.