Huel Birthday Gift

I’ve been a customer for near 10 years. Maybe more. I forget things that are more than 5 years ago. Anyway, I got the email as you may have gathered…

10 years isn’t a lot. Some of these old farts have been eating Huel since it was in black and white.


I’ve been eating it since it was just white…or is that dog shit?

It’s been passed on about 4 times mate :stuck_out_tongue:

Either your taste buds are proper knackered, or that’s the most scathing review of Huel so far.

All that unflavoured Huel got to me in the end.

Just to add, I never did get anything with my Birthday package!

Neither did I last week!

Nor did I.


Edit: Well would you believe it, it just came through. I’ll use it wisely.