Huel Black RTD when? (and other questions)

I’ve got questions

Is Huel Black RTD planned?

Does prepped Huel Black shake survive 24 hour refrigeration, like regular Huel?

Would you ever consider U/U RTD, black or regular?

I wish I could buy RTD from my local hypermarket (Finland). Is that kind of resale path in your plans, or day dreams? Same question for bars.

And some user experience feedback: Huel Black satiates me much better than regular. With a 500kcal drink, it feels like I’ve eaten a protein brick. I’m tempted to try very low intake with Black, like 1200kcal / day.


:laughing: I love the brashness of this. “Tell us your plans!”.

Thanks for this message, sorry for my delay replying, no idea how I missed it! We can’t tell you our product launch plans, but it’s great to know this is something you are interested it! Who knows what 2021 will bring.

It sure does. Many here have had Huel beyond 24 hours refrigerated though, we just don’t recommend it.

Hmm good question. Our Ready-to-drink is great for retail, because it’s a little more mainstream - people are used to seeing protein shakes/milkshakes in the fridges so RTD isn’t a big step beyond that (on first glance, obviously Huel is head and shoulders better!). With this mainstream angle in mind I think more flavoursome varieties would be more popular as this is what consumers buy in the supermarkets. My thoughts would be that a UU RTD wouldn’t be of interest to retailers, which would probably influence whether we made it or not. Never say never, but it’s not on the cards right now.

We’re definitely expanding in retail, already we sell in stores in UK, USA, France, Germany and more I believe. At the moment we’re in Sainsbury’s, BP, Moto Services, WH Smith, Carrefour, Auchan, MonoPrix. So who knows! If we see big demand in Finland then it makes sense.

Thanks for the questions. Perhaps have a read of some of our guides online before you start going for a 1200kcal a day diet, I don’t know what you need a day but 1200 seems low for anyone.

Q: If I open up a Huel Bar, cut and eat half of it, and store the remaining half in the fridge tucked in the wrapper, how long does it survive?

I’m targeting 1700kcal a day and can’t do that with RTD and Bars, so I’d have to resort to “sciencing the hell out of this”, if you catch the reference.