Huel black still has 5-MTHF?

Hey, I’ve been hardcore on Huel since March this year and one of the big selling points for me besides it being vegan, was the addition of bioactive vitamin variants like 5-MTHF. Because of their indicated potential as to be superior to their common/regular counterpart. Huel has let me stop supplementing my vitamins.

It used to say that huel black uses 5-MTHF, but currently it is described as folate, with an explanation further down saying they use L-Methylfolate variants.

Did they change it? Am I missing something here? Did they lose the rights to 5-MTHF specifically?
Slightly concerned Ill have to take my all in one vitamins again.

Hey… Hueligan, we still use 5-MTHF. Folate is often the short hand and is the “F” in 5-MTHF

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