Huel Black: strange experience and feedback request

Hello guys! I hope you are safe!

Some time ago, on February 9th, I purchased two batches of Huel Black; one vanilla and one chocolate.

I have never opened the cocoa one, except for a week from now.

Well, in the same semi-liquid yogurt in which I have pleasantly dissolved the vanilla taste, the cocoa one reacts completely differently, forming small balls that do not dissolve at all.
I have already tried adding some soy milk before, but it remains just “strange”.

Feed about it?
The packaging has always been kept isolated from heat sources.

Thanks a lot!
Other feedback on how to best use Huel Black with yogurt (I don’t like liquid consistencies) is welcome!

as a thought, have you tried using less water to make a thicker yogurt consistency rather than mixing with yogurt itself?

Not sure about the yogurt but I’m using huel black chocolate and started putting two table spoons of montmorency cherry juice and ice in the mix twice a day. Im doing a lot of cardio since lockdown and heard that cherry juice and beetroot are good after cycling due to the oxlates for better recovery also a scoop of cacoa powder for the nootropic and antioxidant properties and your on to a winner for taste and nutrition. Hope you don’t mind me sharing this tip with you guys? All the best, Matt Jenkins.


I used to put frozen cherries and dark chocolate in my vanilla mix :yum:


I find the V3 chocolate has lumps in it if I put ice in before I shake it. Less lumps without the ice. Not tried adding anything else yet.

I had the same problem when adding ice first so now I add the ice after mixing and shaking :+1:

I mix only and selected with the Yogurt that I prepare alone, and consistency was liquid. Now I have improved the technique and the yogurt remains of “normal yogurt” consistency, not Greek style.

I wonder now if it is a “nutritionally” problem to dissolve Huel in Yogurt.

I shouldn’t think so unless you’re calorie counting?

Sounds good :+1: