Huel Black Vanilla?

Correct me if I’m wrong but this surely looks and tastes like a chocolate? Despite what it says on the package.


My Huel black vanilla does not look like that in the bag or in the shaker. It appears as though that is Black edition chocolate.

I’ve not used vanilla, that sure looks like the chocolate I have!
Someone may have put in the wrong packaging onto the production line… oh dear.

Urgh how irritating, I wanted to kick start my Huel black experience tomorrow!

Do you not like chocolate?

In the meantime definitely get on the Live Chat, send them that pic and they will send you a Vanilla I’m sure!
Give them your batch code from the label. I’m betting it won’t just be yours that is labelled incorrectly!

I’ve got the same problem and will give them a shout on the live chat tomorrow.

No it tastes horrible imo.

Gonna give em away.

Ah good not just me then, imagine we have the same batch.

Amatuer hour from Huel.

Make sure you contact Huel first. I’m sure they will replace it for you

Yeah I’ve contacted them on Instagram.

Just annoying had my meal plan for tomorrow ruined :sob:

We have now sent out replacements for you, but we are really sorry about the delayed start on black edition!

I hope the extra goodies help to make up for this.

If anyone else comes across this issue, please get in touch on live chat, social channels or email so we can send out replacements for you, in the meantime this is something we are logging with our quality team, we are ever so sorry to anyone who has received these.