Vanilla Huel Tastes of Berry - No Response from Customer Services [Solved]

I love Huel, but that view has been somewhat tainted over the last 48 hours. My recent order of 2 Vanilla Huel powders seem to taste of Berry rather than Vanilla (even though label states Vanilla). There seems to be some cross contamination somewhere? I’ve reached out to the team via Facebook, Twitter and Email and have had zero response. I’m now left without any Huel and any meaningful response from customer services :frowning: The phone number shown via Google is also continually engaged.

Is anyone on the community able to help here please?

Not sure what I can do to help. You can send me a bag to try and I can confirm or deny your findings…hope that’s helps.

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Sarcasm doesn’t really translate well via this medium, if that was your intention :slight_smile: Are there any Huel employees regularly monitoring the forum who could help or flag my post for attention?

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Just managed to get through via the phone and I’ve been told there has been a known labelling issue with some batches of Huel.

I’m hear Jai. Good to hear you’ve got through to someone on the team. Let us know if there’s anything else I can do.

Thanks for reaching out, Tim!

I was about to say Tim @Tim_Huel pops by occasionally…but like the world’s worst superhero he often turns up when the damsel is no longer distressed.


This is simply the way to get to know @hunzas, @jai :rofl:


Oi, stop being sarcastic LOL

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Did they say which batches? I’ve got a few bags of vanilla unopened and am not fond of surprises :slight_smile:


Ditto that.

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Ooh, I love :heartpulse: surprises - send them my way :wink:


They didn’t — all the nice lady on the phone said was that there was a ‘known issue with incorrect labels being attached to bags.’ Sorry! Although credit where it’s due, new bags being delivered free of charge.

He was probably scoffing a big cooked breakfast in Huels office restaurant…



It should be against the rules to post such deliciousness on a forum known to be filled with dieters


Must admit it made me hungry looking at that beautiful looking breakfast.
Here is a Vegan breakfast



I used to get UU in Original bags (pretty sure!) months ago

I could eat all that apart from the bacon and sausages :yum:

That looks good too! Yum :yum:

Good shit right there.
I should go back to vegan diet. It made me feel better than now. And I am not comfortable with anything else, ethically… personally.

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