Weird consistency of Huel Black

I prepare it just like the last months, some tap water in the bottle, weigh 90g huel and fill the bottle with water and then mix it with a smoothie mixer so that the powder dissolves well.

With the current order, something seems to have changed with the black vanilla, after about 5-10 minutes the mixture has divided into 3 zones, see picture.
It tastes more runny, in recent orders huel black has always been a bit thicker than huel white.

Also opened another bag of Black but the result is the same.

Has something changed in the ingredients or was something forgotten here so that it doesn’t split up into its individual parts after mixing?

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I’ve always found black requires more water than white to achieve the level of consistency I like. I use 1:5 with white but I add 50ml more with black than I do for white based on 90g.

Yes, same for me. but somehoew not in the batch I received and I never had this effect of splitting up into 3 seperate parts in the bottle.
So something has changed or is missing/wrong with at least two bags of black huel I have right now.

TBH - I’ve never seen that either - I would suggest contacting the customer service team with the batch numbers of the bags for them to look into

I’m using the same Breville Blend Active with B.E. Vanilla & using 500ml water filtered through a Brita jug. I also have the B.E. Chocolate, & Banana, as well as the Berry v3.0 (white edition).

But I’ve never had anything even close to resembling what you’ve got there, never mind separation of any kind in any of them, even after sitting in the fridge for several hours.

However having said that… my last subscription delivery was 6 weeks ago, and my next delivery isn’t due for another 10 days, so hopefully this is maybe just a minor localised batch issue.

Yeah this looks strange and sorry that you’re having this issue. Black Edition should at least have the same consistency to v3.0. Firstly could you give your pouch of BE a really good stir around, make sure it’s all thoroughly mixed. We use Xanthan Gum to make Huel thick and keep it together. When this is missing it can separate quickly.

But I concur with Phil also contact the CX team so this can be logged.

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I already did and same for the 2nd bag I opened, every black Bag in my recent order has the Batch FP22089 so it really feels like that Xanthan Gum is missing in them (or something else, I don’t know…)

I opened this Topic as I was hoping to speed things up as the black bags are nearly half of my order and I never had this bad quality in the two years I’m using Huel.

Contacted the customer Service and was told nearly a week ago to get a replacement and haven’t heard back since, no shipping confirmation, no further update when and if it will be sent.

I did record a timelaps video (20 minutes speed 15x) and was told it was sent and reviewed by the quality team/department.
Well, there is a counter and it is still only 1 view, my test to check if the link is working.

I’m actually really pissed right now

Here’s the Video I’m talking about, left is Huel white, right the huel black with strange consistency.
I did stir the pouder, prepared it as usual (over 4000 meals eaten and I know how to prepare water + pouder…) and this is the 3rd of 6 packs I opened all 3 behave the same, all 3 have the same Batch Number

Please ship a replacement! This is not just some 10-20 €product were talking about, 6 bags = 200 €

Thank you

edit: change the first sentence to make clear that I did had contact with the customer Service and not just this forum post.

Have you contacted customer service? Or are you considering posting the batch number here on the forum as much?

I did contact the customer Service and receive answers up to “we are going to send a replacement” nearly a week ago.
Since then no more responses and no updates.

That’s unusual. Huel CS is generally shit hot. Also I think there is definitely an issue with your batch. No way should it be like that

Finally got a shipment confirmation.
Really hope to also get an update what caused this strange consistency from the quality team.

I’m sorry to hear about the service you received! I would be more than happy to chase this up for you. Did you get a contact form number when you reached out?

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