Huel Black vs Huel Original 3.0


Hope everyone is well,

I was just wondering, is there any potential disadvantages in the formulation of Huel Black vs Huel Original 3.0. For example in terms of the phytonutrients present? Other than the change in oats into tapioca, is the micronutrient profile and phytonutrient profile the same?

I get the same satisfaction with both but after having used these two types for more than 4 months I definitely prefer the Huel original because I can’t stand the flavoured version anymore. I wish that the back edition with less carbs would exist in an unflavoured and unsweetened version. I am now changing my subscription to Huel Original to get the unflavoured and unsweetened powder. A pity.

i have huel black roughly every two hours 7 times a day, i exercise a lot (and relax a lot) …

i was having 3.0 five-six times a day… so the carbs difference is noticeable, i get more muscle with the black but have it more often, its not actually a problem, but something that suits me.

so the carbs difference is noticeable…

i get the energy quicker and use it more directly, less in reserve…

i like black more i just want more flavours…

Great question.

There are no disadvantages of either it’s just about what you prefer.

Huel v3.0 has phytonutrients from oats, flaxseed and the added lycopene, lutein and zeaxanthin.
Black Edition has phytonutrients from the flaxseed and the added lycopene, lutein, zeaxanthin and green tea extract.

The micronutrient profile is the same, the sources of each vitamin and mineral may differ slightly and you can find out more here.