Huel Black x3 per day to support strength training?

Afternoon all!

First post :scream:

Been a Huel customer for a couple of years now, 2 x Huel Black for Breakfast and Lunch is my usual day with a balanced evening meal and fairly limited snacking. Absolutely loving it!

TLDR - Is consuming x3 HB a day an issue? I feel not, but I wanted to ask around. Now for the background…

Today I’ve started to embark on a strength training journey as I dropped doing this when my son was born 4.5 years ago and it’s time to get back on it.

I need to consume ~3000kcal and ~160g of protein per day to support the x3 sessions I’ll be doing each week to build muscle etc.

The issue I have is that I have an insane number of food intolerances, 50+ in total, which are pretty much the reason why I chose Huel in the first place, because by some miracle it is completely safe for me to eat and saves me having to stress about what to eat!

So, currently I’m getting 1000kcal from the 2xHB, that is with 250ml unsweetened oat milk and 250 water in each one, so that’s a third of my kcal. I’m also getting 80g protein, half what I need.

A decent evening meal with lots of nutrient rich food as well as fruit throughout the day is going to get me close to another 1000kcal and probably another 40g of protein, so two thirds of the way there,

I grab other things throughout the day such as a bowl of porridge and other light snacks, but given how a lot of food is off limits to me, consistently nailing that 3000kcal daily target feels like a bit of a challenge.

Adding a third HB to my diet will be pretty seamless to be honest, and that extra 500kcal and 40g of protein will reduce a lot stress trying to hit this target.

Interested in your thoughts/experiences, cheers!


Hi Dave,

I would have thought it would be OK. I’ve only recently started out with Huel myself, currently on 3 x RTD’s a day but I’ll be giving Black a try once I have depleted my stocks :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m also on a bit of a health kick myself and looking to build muscle, etc. I have ulcerative colitis but since being on Huel (only a few weeks and counting) I just feel so much healthier already. I returned to the gym just a week ago after a two and a bit year absence! I pretty much gave it up when Covid hit!

Best of luck with your journey! Keep us posted!


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Hi @SteveHallsUK thanks for the reply!

Sounds like you’re in a roughly similar position to myself, glad that Huel is working for you! I’m glad I gave it a second try (didn’t like it during Beta) as I don’t know where I’d be without it now!

I’m going to get a couple more bags of HB and up the intake starting Wednesday…will see what happens!


Not at all, only if you have any intolerances to the ingredients etc. But it sounds like you don’t. Since you’ve been consuming Huel for a number of years increasing up to 3 per day also shouldn’t be an issue either.

I think this will be a good edition and make your recovery easier.

Let’s gooo! What kind of strength training are you going to be doing? Any goals you want to hit?

Well done for getting back on the horse. I don’t have kids but I can imagine when they come around training will be really hard to maintain.

Look forward to hearing more about your journey!

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Hey @Tim_Huel thanks for the reply!

I think this will be a good edition and make your recovery easier.

Yeah I’m committing to it now, subscription being increased today to increase my supply! Huel is such a good product for those with intolerance issues.

Let’s gooo! What kind of strength training are you going to be doing? Any goals you want to hit?

I’m revisiting the StrongLifts 5x5 programme, I did it years ago and delivers great results. It’s by no means an “elite” programme, totally accessible to anyone willing to put the effort in, but if you stick to it you gain a good amount of lean muscle.

I want to build up more strength and put some muscle on while losing some body fat. My son is on the autistic spectrum and I’m a remote worker (programmer), which means I:

  • Need to get out of the house more to focus on my wellbeing
  • Have mobility issues with my back and hips from all the working on a computer and being climbed on all the time
  • Need to make sure I’m in decent physical shape to to keep up with my son!

Huel is going to be a pretty essential part of this journey! :pinched_fingers:


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FWIW, I second the Stronglifts programme. Great beginner/intermediate strength-building programme. The app is super slick and takes away any complicated plate calculations when you’re foggy brained in the gym at 6am.