Huel Coffee 3.0 with Alpro Barista Oat and Raw and Unpasteurised Honey


Wow dude, that honey seems incredible. Is it worth it?

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Hi trust me it is really worth it brings a nice sweet taste and just adds more health benefits to your huel.

I love honey but overall its not worth it because of its nutrition. A very good honey bought from a local farmer is at minimum 11€/kg and the proportion of simple carbs-sugar is normally at 75-85% if its good. A 10%-12 is minerals. Cheap honey, is horrible is almost sugar and water.

My conclusion as a honey lover is that eating, adding or buying honey because of its nutritional value is not worth the price or the sugar intake.

If I consume honey its because I love it and the bee process seems to me like something magic like not from this world, but I dont do for the nutritional value or as a simple sweetener.

But dude I want to try that honey! Where do you live or where did you buy it?

I live in the uk and I brought this called Papy’s raw and unpasteurised natural honey from eBay and this is the best honey I ever had all natural no chemicals just all 100% good taste.

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A balanced diet = one scoop of Huel + one scoop of Honey.

On a serious note, honey is just sugar, is it worth it?

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Yes adding one teaspoon of honey to tour huel gives it that nice little sweet kick and also it is natural sugar.

Well, technically HFCS is a ‘natural’ sugar (it comes from delicious corn after all!)

By all means eat honey because it’s delicious but you’re kidding yourself if you think that it’s any ‘better’ (or worse) than any other form of sugar.


Mmm honey is great it when consumed isolated, but just as a sweetener not worth it

Honey is all natural made sugar from bees no processed stuff.

But don’t the bees process it from raw materials?


What about wasp jam?


Yeah which is all natural made.

But still processed.

Consuming local honey is often considered a way to stave off hay fever. I have no idea of the efficacy of this, might just be an old tale but plenty down here in the farming community use it with whisky of an evening.

I’m not certain if it’s just an excuse to drink a tot of whisky at night or if it’s a genuine thing! :joy:


Lol sounds good to me :laughing:

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Yeah it definitely still Processed but I rather have it naturally then have cheap high sugar bad for you honey if you get what I mean.

I signed in to say exactly this. Local honey is said to be a natural remedy against the pollen in your area that may ail you
It has been studied as a cough suppressant and may have anti-inflammatory effects. Raw honey is no harm, I say