Huel during sport activity

I play beach volley, and during tournaments I play the whole day under the sun.
Obviously I drink a lot, and I usually eat sport snacks trying to recharge energy.

I would like to know if the powder may replace those sport snacks, or if minerals and carbohydrates are not suitable to be absorbed as quickly as snacks do.

And, in case the powder is suitable to be taken during sport activity, is there any limit to its consumption? Or can I drink it whenever I am thirsty?

Thank you for your help.

Treat Huel like you would any food - have it when you’re hungry, but I don’t think it would also double up as a sports drink if you need a quick burst of energy.

Hey, there’s no restrictions as to when you can drink Huel.

Unfortunately it doesn’t really work like this. Huel is more hydrating than, say, fish and chips, but it’s by no means a drink. Some people find themselves wanting a glass of water after their shake!

If you’re taking proper breaks for meals, Huel could be perfect for you, it gives you energy throughout the day as any good balanced meal should. However if you’re talking about chugging it between rounds, I’m not sure it’s the best thing. Search the forum for marathons etc because I think a couple of long distance runners have tried that and it didn’t really work as well as they hoped


I find Huel really good post workout, but not so great during intense exercise and it is digested slowly, so not only does it not give you a quick burst of energy, but it can make you feel sick if you drink it then exercise immediately after, like any food would.
Saying that, I’ve found the RTD easier to digest and if I’m doing a full days cycling, mountain biking, climbing or hiking, I do have the RTD as lunch even though I don’t really stop for lunch.

I have huel powder for breakfast, energy gels and energy bars during the most intense exercise when I feel my glucose levels drop. Then huel RTD midday / lunchtime, if I can drop the intensity of my exercise for a bit.
Then have huel powder immediately after finishing the day.
Then an evening meal.
(This is just on intense exercise days like you’re describing. Normal days I just have huel powder for breakfast and then lunch and dinner cooked meals)