Huel Fitness Thread


Yeah pretty much nailed it here.

It’s when you start getting to ‘the next level’ with lifting. As in, you actually follow a program, record lifts and consistently reach progressive overload. That’s when your body starts to become worn down and in need of a week off.

One of the guys at my gym for example comes in, does a set of shoulder press and then proceeds to practice 6225 different types of curls for reps then wonders why he doesn’t have cannonball biceps. Said person then asked why I needed a week off to deload.

I guess you get people who ‘get it’ and those who don’t!

But for anyone hitting their goals and progressively overloading, deloading is a fantastic thing to do.



So true!

Those kind of people also seem to think they know more about exercise science too, or so I’ve typically found. There is always one… or several sadly!

Yeah I get way better gains from just hitting biceps for 3 sets twice a week, especially on top of the other work, which also creates some stimulus, so it’s more than enough, Besides it’s triceps which is where the upper arm mass is going on!

Don’t get me wrong I don’t have the biggest arms (14 1/2 inch), but I have lady size wrists (not pulling the “genetics” card), but like seriously at the joint they’re 6 inches! My wife has larger wrists, That and being 6ft 1 I’ve got the odds forever against me.

But yeah, going back to deloads, there are plenty of Studies now supporting it to some degree, as well as some showing that it take several weeks of complete inactivity to lead to atrophy, so a deload is going to do nothing negative, heck even a whole week off every month or two should theoretically be just fine. I’d rather deload than a week off though, or I just spend the week stressing (which hinders recovery anyway), I know what I’m like and I’d assume most others are probably similar in that respect.

Besides it makes sense to me to keep moving and allow some pump and blood flow to the recovering muscles, but obviously without the usual tissue break down created.

I’ve actually tried to stop calling it a “deload week” in my mind and instead call it a “recovery week” or “supercompensation week”. Deload sounds like I’m losing something “de” meaning without, loss etc. Just another way to create a mindset shift. :slight_smile:


Thank all for your contributions. This is a great community!

I have learnt something from each comment :slight_smile:


Good, that’s what I like to hear! :slight_smile:


Good thread. Thanks all! And I love the Skyrim Reference .


Like an arrow to the knee! :joy::wink:

Glad someone’s got it…

For some reason the quote was stuck in my head when I signed up to here.



I have started this routine and it is great. My body is feeling the new stimuli :). I am also combining it with two strength workouts (5-3-1 torso-legs). However, I am not progressing on my 1MR (barbell press, squat, deadlift)… I have been two months with the same weights.

Do you have any advise for me in order to improve?

Thanks a lot!


Sounds to me like you need more food and more recovery :smiley:

The way I see it it’s a triangle:

  • Sufficient progressive overload through destructive stimuli
  • Sufficient calories and protein intake to recover from said overload
  • Sufficient sleep to recover from the training, 8 hours minimum

These three things are absolutely essential.

If you stick at it for 2 weeks ensuring all three things above are in check but see no improvement, I’d probably advise a deload week as above :slight_smile:

Another thing I’ve started doing for the next couple of months is experimenting with 10 rep maxes rather than 3-5 reps. I’ve climbed from 65kg for 10 to 72.5kg for 10, which suggests to me my central nervous system is having to account for new stimuli.

How many calories are you eating?

Edit: Just has an idea - Perhaps we could rename this “The Huel Fitness Thread” and move it to another category to get more people in? :slight_smile: Would you be cool with that?


Many thanks!

Let’s go by parts:

  • Unfortunately, I usually sleep 6-7 hours (because my work and studies). This seems to be one of the keys.
  • One thing is clear: I eat a lot. I should count calories much better… That is one of the reason I decided to move to Huel (in order to control better my calories intake). I think that my calorie intake is around 3000kcal, and now I want to add an extra huel shake with 3 scoop (500kcal).
  • I have tested some deload weeks, but it did not work in terms of improving.
  • Due to the previous reason, I also have tried what you have commented. In my case, I’ve climbed from 90-5 rep to 10 rep or even 100kg - 6 rep instead of my 5-3-1 (90, 110, 120). I decline to think that I’ve reached my limits, haha. Maybe it is a matter of motivation… I do not know.

Regarding your last question… sure, no problem. Sorry, I am new here and for sure I’ll make some mistakes :).

Finally, sorry for my written English, I am from Spain :).



It’s better than that of many people who are English.


Okay so the sleep - No way you can sneak an extra hour? I’ve given up caring for the stigma of going to bed early and go at 9.30pm now, normally wake up at 6am so gives me 8 hours or so. I then study when I wake, get ready, then go to work. Gym when I return, then Huel, then study, then games, then bed. It’s about finding what works for you :smiley:

Saying “I eat a lot” is quite vague, though. I’ve known girls who say “I eat huge meals you’ve never seen anything like it, dunno how I’m this thin”, but then it turns out they’re eating three cheese crackers, a piece of toast and two eggs. Start tracking and get an idea of what’s in what. It helps you eye up your calories - For example eyeing up 80g pasta or 80g rice.

If the deload didn’t work then I guess that’s a good thing in that you’re not completely frying your body during workouts and affecting your CNS negatively.

Maybe you’re just expecting too much? Your lifts are good - 120kg bench press at 85kg 180cm isn’t bad, that puts you in into Intermediate lifting category.

I always find it easy to become disillusioned when I look at pages with fitness models on Instagram, such as Myprotein and Gymshark. It’s easy to forget that a huge portion of these models are on PEDs. Steroids are rife in the industry.

Also, I agree with Hunzas, your English is great!


Many thanks both of you (I am still studying English every day :)).

Your first paragraph describes perfectly what I intend to do (I always try to find a small slot for games). The problem is that many days I wait for my girlfriend, who finish her work day at 22:00, before going bed… The rest of the days I usually go to bed around 10:00pm, and I think that there is a problem with the “inconsistency”. I mean, from my point of view the body needs a routine in order to know when it’s time to sleep and when it’s time to train hardly. I am trying to figure out this situation. Another reason for drinking huel (saving time of cook and washing dishes).

Regarding your second paragraph, I am completely agree. Let me explain deeper:

  • Breakfast (6:30): french omelette (two eggs), toasts, coffee, 5-6 strawberry, 1 banana, 1 whey-protein shake with milk and oat.
  • Morning (10:00): turkey breast sandwich with orange juice. I am thinking about replacing this meal with a 3 scoop huel
  • Lunch: I usually eat 300g (approx) of beef, chicken or turkey with rice (125g). The dessert is a yoghourt.
  • Afternoon snack: Rice with with 2 can of natural tuna. I have replaced this meal by 3 scoop huel shake
    (TRAINING) - After my workout I drink a whey-protein with creatine and amino acid.
  • Dinner: same as lunch approx.

I need to review where I can fit the Huel.

According to my lifts, I humbly believe that they are good, but I would like to go to the next level. Maybe this is my final level and I need to consider it :).

Regarding your last paragraph, I could not agree more. Fortunately, that’s no my case, I have been training for many years and I know how the “chemistry” work in that fitness models (most of them, not all).

I would like to thank you for taking the time to help me with this thread!