Huel Granola - anyone having gas?

Hi there!

I had seen a lot of people agree a few months ago that huel vanilla and huel bars (though don’t know about the new ones, let me know how they are!!) cause a fair bit of gas, and it’s often kinda bad. I certainly notice more gas, even if its not too smelly if i ave too much original vanilla.

With that in mind, how have people been finding the granola? I’m thinking of trying the berry box, but if it’s gonna cause more gas I might just stick with mostly using unflavoured huel.

Thanks for any feedback.

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I hope it’s not from someone’s bum…noises worse than Hendrix’ Star Spangled Banner

Yes! I’m having lots of gas with Huel Granola (I’ve only tried berry so far). Things got a little bit better today, but still having eggy farts :grin:

My parents think this is not normal and I should stop with Huel. Meh

As far as the Huel Bars go, I’m sitting on v1.2 and only experience gas when I eat more than 1

Cheers, I decided just to buy the box in the end anyway, so hoping they wont be too bad…if they are, will probably clear the box pretty fast anyway. Also picked up a 5 pack of the bars, since people seem to absolutely love the change - wasn’t so keen on 1.2.

Wish me luck :joy: Maybe try a probiotic like Yakult, see if it helps with your gas. I can’t be certain how much it helped me, since i don’t remember any drastic change and I ended up using mostly unflavoured anyway, but always worth a go. You might get lucky and they’re pretty tasty!

If you stick to the serving suggestions with Huel Granola then you shouldn’t have much of an issue, but if you start consuming more than 120g of Granola then yes you could experience gas.

Thank you, i’m very interesting in seeing how much is in a box, how I do portion sizes, how it tastes, lasts etc and how I feel. Never would have thought about a breakfast cereal being developed. To be honest, I am just excited that when I eat cereal for dinner, it can actually count as dinner, nutritionally haha!

2018, the year from which humanity could live off cereal.