Huel granola mixed with water


So, this morning I poured myself a bowl of Huel granola and realised after I had poured the almond milk which was nearly finished ( just a dribble left lol) that I had no more…so used water and it was just as nice! So I thought I’d share :smiley:


Ooo that’s interesting, thanks for letting us know!


Surprisingly it didn’t really taste that different :raised_hands:t2:


My Dad always eats cereal with orange juice…which sounds grim to me.


Eww that does sound a bit grim lol


You can’t beat crunchy nut cornflakes & ice cold Baileys. It’s difficult to make that a regular part of a healthy lifestyle however even for non-plant-based-vegans.


Non-plant-based-vegans is a new one on me.


Someone pointed out vegans & plant based eaters are different. I was just trying to be comprehensive, honest.